British beauty has a new home, and it’s more inviting and innovative than ever

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Chances are you’re familiar with top-notch British brand ELEMIS - perhaps you’ve received some beauty booty on a British Airways flight, had a treatment at an airport lounge in London or New York  or are simply a devotee of the cult Pro-Collagen Marine Cream  (most beauty editors are). ELEMIS has been leading the pack in terms of homegrown, holistic and hands-on skincare for over 25 years, and in 2015, the brand is revolutionising its reach even further, with the re-launching of its flagship spa and unveiling of the House of ELEMIS. We’ve known that the ELEMIS team has been busy squirreling away on a project in Mayfair for quite some time now, and last week the fruits of their labour were revealed…

The House of ELEMIS  is a townhouse tucked away in the heart of Mayfair, but the calm, spacious and light-filled space make it feel more cloud 9 than central London (during my treatment all I could hear was my ‘tailored soundtrack’- no hustle and bustle to speak of). Expertly redesigned to closely reflect the ELEMIS philosophy of offering the utmost that science and nature bestow, you’ll be cosseted away among natural tones and textures, artisanal glass, intricate ceramics and inventive lighting. Be sure to check out the clever floral light reflections on the ceilings, and you can’t miss Valeria Nascimento's fragile but beautiful porcelain flowers scattered throughout the House. Each space is crafted to create an atmosphere that matches your needs- the fresh new Speed Spa looks like a sharp, chic first class lounge, while the expansive  Penthouse  practically begs you to hunker down for the day/ week. The emphasis is firmly on creating a hub of couture beauty and shaping time, space and treatments offered around you, as co-founder and creator of ELEMIS Therapies  Noella Gabriel  told us:

“The menu has been designed to make sure every treatment is action-packed in the most relaxing way. It’s all about the flow. The treatments really respect the idea that you’re giving your time. And we will always give back.”

Give back they do- after my Poultice Powered Muscle Release massage I felt lean, limber and loose as a goose. Despite being ‘on menu’, my therapist found out as much about me as possible before we began, to ensure that the treatment ticked my boxes. Lighting, music and even the ingenious Amber and Quartz Crystal Bed was moulded around me, quite literally in the case of the latter. This ethos is condensed when you’re flying by The Speed Spa, and amplified should you book out The Penthouse. Housing two private treatment rooms, state-of-the-art design and truly superior service, the rooftop relaxation hideaway has already received bookings from prestigious international clients, and a dedicated entrance makes it easy to slip in and out discreetly. On booking, a spa concierge will be at your service to take care of everything from taxis to dinner reservations to theatre tickets and hair appointments. Anything that can be done to make your life easier and help you to fully immerse yourself in the experience, the ELEMIS team will likely already have taken care of it. Short of your tax return or taking the bins out, they’re on it.

The team is also committed to looking after you in a 360º health sense too. Enter a new line up of experts that embrace and embody the sustainable, nature-focused ELEMIS way of life. Some also happen to be Get The Gloss experts, proving that ELEMIS is totally on our wavelength:

Amelia Freer , nutritional therapist

She’s been weaning us off the bad stuff and making us see the good in delicious, nutritious food ever since Get The Gloss launched, and we’re extremely excited that she’s bringing her healthy midas touch to the House of Elemis too. The bespoke blended cold-pressed juice that you’re drinking after your treatment is a Freer invention, and she’s even trained ELEMIS therapists in keeping skin supple and full of life from the inside out.

Steve Mellor , personal trainer and fitness expert

A huge advocate for getting active in the great outdoors, Steve pretty much lives, eats and breathes the ELEMIS attitude. From holding made-to-measure fitness sessions for ELEMIS clients to advising on post-exercise treatments and getting aching bodies back moving, Steve brings boundless energy to the ELEMIS repertoire.

Kelly Cornwell , makeup artist

A makeup artist’s canvas is key, so Kelly is as passionate about healthy skin as ELEMIS is. She’s on hand to create radiant bridal looks and has trained ELEMIS therapists to apply beautiful post-facial makeup, depending on a client’s desires.

Bay Garnett , stylist

A sense of homely British style is something that you’ll pick up on on walking into the House, and Bay’s eye ensures that the ELEMIS residence and its elite are team are dressed impeccably.

Rachel De Thame , horticulturist

Rachel brings ELEMIS’ focus on botanicals and plant power to the forefront of the spa space, designing seasonal window boxes and flower displays for the House. Her knowledge of natural ingredients has also infused the product development process- she’s always in tune with what the natural world can offer us throughout the year.

Really, to gain a sense of the place, you’ve got to go. Even if just for a 15 minute flash facial- drop in and see what the team have been up to. It’ll make you see the spa experience, and possibly your own face, in a different light.

Written in partnership with  Elemis