They wowed us with their exquisite brushes and tools and now the team at Japonesque have launched a gorgeous, unique make-up line

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After 20 years of experience in creating professional beauty tools Japanese brand Japonesque have finally answered our prayers and branched out to release a truly original range of make-up products.

Inspired by the dramatic make-up used in the traditional Kabuki theatre, this range really stays true to Japan’s sense of artistry, attention to detail and uncompromising quality. They’ve produced the full works from luminous foundations and finishing powders to velvety eye shadows and lash-lengthening mascaras that have the quality of high-end make-up but are still really easy to apply.

We have to admit, we already have an early favourite: the lip lacquers. Before you say it, it’s not just because their lids look like little sushi rolls (which is awesome) but because they appear to have created the perfect combination between a lipstick and a lip gloss (hallelujah, we hear you cry!). These pro-performance lippies are super rich and intense in colour, hydrating and non-sticky. Best of all however, is that they leave a gorgeous sheen (not gloss) on lips that would have Geishas falling all over each other to get hold of.

Most exciting though has to be the incredible packaging that is unique and individual for EVERY piece that they release. By heating beads and swirling them around it ensures that no two items will ever have the same design - it’s your very own little pot of bespoke make-up.

the Japonesque range is now availiable from  John Lewis .