It’ll only available in the US for now- here’s a sneak peek

Heard of Decorté beauty? Us neither, but we’re assuming the Japanese brand is quite a big deal given they’ve teamed up with arguably the world’s most in-demand supermodel. Kate Moss will launch a makeup range with the brand that will debut in Saks Fifth Avenue on the 15th August, and if you’ve some good mates stateside, prime them with a shopping list of the lot. Here’s what you can expect from makeup à la Moss:

An eye, lip and cheek palette- eyeshadows are an aptly named combo of moss green, subtle gold and deep taupe- you’ll get four satin shimmer shades in total. As for cheeks, there’s a light hued bronzer and a highlighting powder to dabble in. Lip-wise you’ve got four semi-matte shades, ranging from wine to nude.

A black eyeliner- a no brainer.

A brow pencil- apparently the shade is ‘one size fits all’. American readers do report back.

A lip pencil- a sweat-proof ‘brick’ shade. No messing from Moss

Brushes- two eyeshadow brushes and a powder brush.

The palette alone comes in at over £150, and it’s not available to ship to the UK, so perhaps wait out for a few US reviews before you book your flight over the pond…

Visit the  Decorte website  and follow  @DecorteBeauty  on Instagram for further details

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