KVD’s Good Apple Skin Perfecting Balm is all over TikTok. We tried it to see if it lives up to the hype

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KVD’s Good Apple Foundation , £29, is having a real moment with more than 53.4 million views on TikTok's #goodapplefoundation hashtag. It's full-coverage, vegan, matte and calls itself a 'foundation balm'. Fans are praising it for the ultra full-coverage yet lightweight finish, the skin-nourishing ingredients and the fact it's a godsend for dry skin, covering redness and blemishes with zero of the flakiness that can come from dry skin when full coverage foundation is worn. Plus it even claims to be able to cover tattoos.

It launched at Boots just days ago and 20 of the 40 shades, which come in a crystal clear compact, are already sold out; the store says a restock will be happening this week, however we were able to get our hands on a sample.

What makes this a foundation balm - and come to that what is one?

KVD says it launched the new formula in answer to cries from fans of the KVD range who were struggling to find complexion products that stop flakey and dry patches.

It has apple extract and sodium hyaluronate in the formula to hydrate and nourish. The 40 shades are grouped under four skin tones: Deep, Tan, Medium and Light.

The plume-embellished clear packaging is worth noting too as it’s 100 per cent recyclable. The compact has no mirror, no magnets and no metal so it can go straight in your recycling bin. It still closes neatly, clipping together satisfactorily, though because the balm texture is very malleable, I did find the formula spread onto the plastic edges easily, so I'd be cleaning this after every use to keep it pristine. The clear packaging reminds me of Snow White's glass coffin she sleeps in before being woken by true love's kiss.

Compared to other foundation formulas, balm is most similar to the cream formulas found in foundation sticks , however this balm is more easily spread than sticks. The balm texture is definitely appealing if you want full coverage with a lightweight feel and contrary to how heavy it looks it feels like you're wearing nothing, my only gripe is that it highlights every single fluffy bit of peach fuzz  on my face, which I’m normally blissfully unaware of on my skin thanks to normally only wearing skin tints.

For me, the formula is a little *too* full coverage, but the main issue is that the shade I was sent to test, was not quite my match. I can't fault this for the coverage abilities though, I no longer had a freckle or any pigmentation  in sight (check out my half-face selfie above to see how it covered my skintone). I didn't look like myself at all though which I found unsettling.

It has good wear time too; I'm always suspicious that full coverage foundations will transfer to my collars, phone screen and hair but this stayed in place all day without a flake in sight. Given that this is designed for dry skin, it does have quite a slip to it, so for oily skin types, I'd probably avoid.

Check out the viral TikTok vidoes on the KVD Good Apple Foundation Balm to see it living up to all the hype.

KVD Good Apple on dewy skin


Is this actually worth the hype or wut??????I try NEW KVD Beauty Good Apple Foundation Balm! @KVDBeauty #A#D #g#oodapple

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Makeup artists Glamzillaxo, whose video has been shared 36,000 times couldn’t contain her glee. “Oh it is full coverage! Woah! What the heck? Oh my god, look at that. That’s crazy! It covers all my redness, full coverage but lightweight feels like velvet on the skin.”

KVD Good Apple Foundation on dry skin

Another MUA going wild for the foundation balm is Mikayla Nogueira, whose expletive filled video (she was excited!) explains how she has dry skin yet this still looks incredible. She's had 10.3 million views on the clip.

KVD Good Apple Foundation on male skin

Makeup lover Danny Defreitas said he’s never seen coverage like it before, giving the foundation balm an eight out of ten for how smoothing it is.

Team GTG try KVD Good Apple