YouTube favourite Michelle Phan has finally launched her cosmetics range in partnership with L'Oreal, writes Judy Johnson

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YouTube sensation Michelle Phan  has teamed up with the Luxe division of L'Oreal USA to create a complete colour cosmetics brand, to be sold exclusively online.

The brand is called Em Cosmetics; 'em' because it is a Vietnamese word meaning 'you' which is used affectionately to address others, as well as being a literal and figurative reflection of 'me'. The line includes over 250 products, too, so we predict it's here to stay.

Michelle Phan shot to fame as one of the first leading beauty vloggers who shared her make-up tutorials on YouTube to the delight of millions of viewers.

A self-taught make-up artist, she has kept to her digital roots with what L'Oreal call a 'social e-commerce experience'. The site, which launched late last week, is more than just a shop; beauty lovers can fill out a profile in the community and use it to select products suited to their needs, as well as view tutorials and and upload their own looks.

The range itself looks impressive and perfectly suited to her young following in terms of packaging and colour; the large palettes are customisable so you can swap shades around although it does come it at a hefty $75… you can almost hear the sound of smashing piggy banks from here.

We'll have to wait some time before we see it over here - according to WWD, the online presence will go global in January - although if you're planning a trip to the Big Apple any time soon you can also visit the new Em store in October where Phan will interact with customers herself.

To view the full range visit