Lashify’s easy to use ‘cluster’ lashes look like extensions, can last up to four days and take two minutes to apply. Lisa Eldridge called them ‘a makeup artist’s dream’ and they were even the lashes of choice on the Sex and the City reboot

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When makeup oracle Lisa Eldridge says she’s impressed with something, you sit up and listen. So when she recorded a  20 minute YouTube video  (that she was ‘inundated’ with requests for) singing the praises of Lashify false lashes,  £115 for a starter kit , we knew they were a game-changer. “Lashify is very innovative,” Lisa says in the video. “I’m hard to please but sometimes I see things which are very different and this piqued my interest.”

Lisa’s not the only pro who’s taken with Lashify. Makeup artist Sherri Berman Laurence used them on the set of Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That, telling us: "On And Just Like That, Lashify was a must-have! We used the Lashify system on most of our actresses. There are so many lengths and styles to choose from and it is easily customised for each actor. Lashify is the most natural-looking lash that I have ever used and it takes away the need for mascara and saves on touchups throughout the day."

It was fellow MUA  Beau Nelson  who works with Kirsten Stewart, Dita Von Teese and Nicole Richie, who switched Lisa on to them.

Lashify is causing a stir on social media too; we can't scroll through our feed without seeing a post about the brand. When GTG's editorial director shared a video on Instagram of her first attempt her post was met with comments from makeup artists and beauty editors alike sharing their experiences. MUA Nathalie Eleni, who works with actresses Anya Taylor-Joy and Jodie Whittaker commented "I love these."

There's even a 45,000-strong  Lashify Life  group on Facebook, where fans of the system congregate together to share tips on the lashes. They call themselves 'Lashifiends'. So how exactly has Lashify been disrupting the market?

What is Lasihfy?

Put simply, it’s an at-home lash extension kit. It was launched by US entrepreneur Sahara Lotti in 2017. Sahara's background is in screenwriting and she had no prior experience in the beauty industry. She came up with the idea for Lashify after being dissatisfied with traditional strip lashes.

The starter kit, called  The Control Kit , costs £115 and includes two sets of lash clusters (you pick the style and length), a wand tool to apply them, a brush-on bond to adhere them and a finishing coat. The lashes can last up to ten days according to the brand and you apply them in clusters underneath your own lashes, rather than in a strip that sits atop your natural lashes. When you want to buy new sets of the cluster, refills cost from £15.

By applying them under your own lashes, they look extremely natural, with no tell-tale bond even if you’re being filmed in HD, as Lisa’s clients often are (not an issue we have, but worth knowing!). This negates the need to blend your lashes in, making it a quick application process. You can layer them if you want fluffier or longer lashes in certain areas

Lashify comes in four different collections. Core, for lightweight delicate lashes that add softness and length to your natural lashes, Intimates, designed to match your natural lash colour to subtly enhance your own lashes, Volume to create dramatic, attention-grabbing lashes and Prismatics, which are coloured for theatrical looks. They also come in different lengths, from 8mm all the way up to 20mm, in different curl types and fluffiness.

How do you apply Lashify lashes?

You brush the bonding glue on like mascara and then use the wand tool (which is shaped to safely reach the delicate eye area) to pick the lashes up and wiggle them into place. You also use the wand to clamp them into place. After applying the lashes, you secure them in place using a sealer included in the kit.

If it all seems a bit confusing, don’t be daunted. When you buy the initial kit, £115, you can  book a complimentary 20-minute troubleshooting video call  with a Lashify educator to talk you through the system and help you perfect your technique. The brand says it takes an average of three tries before it clicks. Don’t worry about wasting lashes on failed attempts, they can be reused.

Are Lashify lashes easy to use?

According to Lisa, who is obviously a pro, it takes her just two minutes to create a dramatic set of lashes. Team GTG tried them out too.

“The idea of applying underneath your lashes as opposed to your lash line was a little unconventional and daunting but it could not have been easier,” says GTG’s design and social media manager Jemma. “In total, it probably took me around seven to ten minutes to apply them, and that was with me experimenting with different styles.”

“The clusters grip to your natural lashes immediately but they’re super flexible so you can move the placement fuss-free if needs be. I followed a tutorial on YouTube by Lashify trainer Jill Medicis and it was a breeze.”

GTG’s commercial projects manager Catherine agrees about learning from the master. “If you watch a tutorial and take your time to begin with it gets easier every time!”

It's worth noting that Jemma has a lot of experience applying false lashes, while Victoria is a novice and managed to glue her eyelashes together (though this was quickly fixed with a dab of oil makeup remover). If you're new to lashes we highly recommend booking the one-to-one, though it does need to be booked in advance because Lashify is based in the US.

How long do Lashify lashes last?

According to the website, ten days. Lisa said she is yet to get them to last more than one day because sleeping on them dislodges them, but GTG’s Jemma had three days of wear out of hers. "They would have lasted longer had I not put on a sleep mask. After ten minutes of wearing my eye mask I lost two clusters of lashes," she said. She adds that she found them in the morning so will be able to reuse them.

Lashify is water-resistant, so you can easily shower, swim, do water sports, and exercise while wearing them, but extended water exposure will loosen the bonds. GTG's Catherine is an avid exerciser and found that her sweaty gym sessions lessened the life span of her lashes to a couple of days. If you're a regular lash extension wearer, you'll know the pitfalls and what to avoid and the same rules apply for Lashify to help you get the best from them (don't sleep on them, use  oil-free makeup remover  and so on).

How to apply Lashify lashes

There’s a five-step system for applying Lashify.

1. Pre-cleanse with an  oil-free cleanser  so you have no product on your eyes. Make sure your lashes are totally dry. Lashify sells  Pre-Cleanse , £24, specifically for this step.

2. Apply Flexible Bond. It’s a non-brittle glue, which you apply like mascara. Brush it through your lashes from the lash line to the tip. Wait for 30 seconds, then whip the ended brush around and use the white bond on the other end of the brush, 1mm from the water line until it's tacky. This is the second layer of glue. This should take about 30 seconds.

3. Pick up the clusters with the wand, which is like a tweezer and push them into place just above the water line in sections. If you make any errors you can take them off and reposition them. It's easy to move them before you've squeezed them into place. If you're worried about poking yourself in the eye with the wand, Lashify sells little plastic covers you can slip on, funnily named ' Wandoms ' £10 for five pairs, though Jemma wasn't a fan as she felt she couldn't get into the lashes as well with these on. It made for a less precise application.

4, Set them with the wand, squeezing them with your own lashes to set them into place. Once they're fused together they become as one.

5. After ten minutes, finish with Glass, a sealing lacquer that seals the look and removes any stickiness.

When you want to remove your Lashify lashes use the Lashify Melt-Away cleanser , £16, which wipes your lashes away without tugging. Just apply it to a cotton pad, hold in place for a few second and off they come. It removes makeup too. You can also try Lashify  Release,  £21, which is a gentle bond-dissolving oil that doesn't remove makeup, just resets your lashes.

Our verdict

For people who love the look of lash extensions but don't like the lengthy application process in salon or having to wait for an appointment, Lashify is a great alternative. You get the pro look without the time investment. Similarly, if you often wear strip lashes, Lashify makes for a great natural-looking, fuller lash take.

As GTG's resident lash lover, Jemma said that in all honesty she'd prefer to have in-salon lash extensions because it lasts longer and she enjoys the pampering side of it. However, she'd opt for Lashify over strip lashes. "They look seamless rather than obviously false lashes and don't take vastly longer to apply. Yes, they're expensive but once you've paid the initial £115 for the kit aren't a lot more than your average pair of good quality strip lashes."

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