She’s been literally dreaming of this launch, and now the world famous makeup artist’s debut is about to hit. Here’s what’s coming from the original queen of the Youtube makeup tutorial

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I think we can all agree that Lisa Eldridge  has pretty fabulous taste. Last year she solidified this with the launch of her vintage inspired jewellery collection ( see here for serious eye candy , much of it sold out) and a cursory scroll of her Instagram  grid reveals a love of retro design and a museum-worthy antique makeup and packaging collection. She knows what works in beauty both in a contemporary setting and in centuries past, as her history of makeup tome Face Paint  confirms, so it comes as no surprise that her first debut product is pretty much a precious collectible already.

The trio of velvet textured lipsticks were originally inspired by a dream that Lisa had about creating a lipstick that wore and looked as rich and deep as velvet, and she recreated her vision on a shoot soon after by sticking real velvet to a model’s lips. Needless to say it wasn’t too practical or comfortable IRL, so what followed was the creation of a trio lightweight velvet lipsticks that we’re told deliver punchy, plush colour straight from the bullet, and a more arty, painterly effect when dabbed on with a finger. There's Velvet Morning, a Berocca orange-red that'll wake you up in every sense, Velvet Jazz, a brick red, and Velvet Ribbon, a filmstarry blue-red. In true Lisa fashion the packaging is timelessly chic - a classic gold tube embossed with Eldridge's logo, and the limited-edition nature means they’re all the more likely to make it into the cosmetic halls of fame. This also means, however, that you’ll need to move sharpish if you fancy one - the lipsticks launch on 19th November for £26 each, or you can purchase all three for £75 and they’ll be delivered to you in a black velvet pouch because Lisa’s classy like that. They’ll be available worldwide, they’re cruelty-free and they’ve been designed to stand out on all skin tones, but otherwise Lisa followed a pretty simple brief originally issued by surrealist writer and poet Andre Breton:

“Objects seen in dreams should be manufactured and put on sale.”

She nailed that one. We’re sitting tight for a Lisa Eldridge lipstick tutorial to devour them in more detail, but for now, here’s your heads-up.

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