The new No7 ‘Colour Your Way’ campaign will change the way you wear colour forever. Here's why...

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Colours are full of clichés, particularly when it comes to makeup. ‘Vampy’ red, ‘moody’ purple, ‘baby’ pink - is our choice in lipstick and eyeshadow really so indicative of our mood and attitude?

This is the logic that  No7’s  new ‘Colour Your Way’ campaign seeks to question. The new ad campaign from the beauty brand aims to turn our perception of colour on its head.

Using powerfully contradictory statements about colour and feeling, like ‘serious pink’ and ‘quiet red’, the campaign is inspired by the belief that women wear makeup to bring out how they’re feeling, not to cover themselves up.

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Who says you can’t bring out your bright side with a splash of grey or reveal your serious side with a slick of hot pink?

No7’s aim is to help women feel great about beauty and themselves; they shouldn’t feel bound by accepted colour associations or be pressured by latest trends. In line with No7’s other campaign that stars ‘real women’, the seven women who star in the ads have all been ‘street cast’ and none of the images have been airbrushed or retouched.

So what are you waiting for? Switch up your colour coding today!  Check out the advert here  and let us know your thoughts below.

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