The concealer that went viral now comes in full coverage foundation form. At only £9 a pop, it’s going to fly off shelves

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As far as budget makeup  goes, Makeup Revolution is among one of our favourites on the high street thanks to its sheer volume of products and high quality formulations. Its fan base is fierce, a point perfectly illustrated by the popularity of the brand’s Conceal & Define Concealer back in January when it launched. It became a market leader overnight and one currently gets snapped up every five seconds around the world.

So to be expected, demand for a foundation version was high. In fact, a teaser announcement for the foundation shared last week to Revolution’s 1.3 million Instagram community, received 1,500 comments in 15 minutes and the post currently has over 70,000 likes. Crikey, that’s a lot of social love.

And now, the wait to get your hands on it is over. The bigger bottled base has landed and looks to have far-reaching appeal thanks to its demi-matte and full coverage finish and starting shade range of 24.

Inclusivity-wise, the budget base scrubs up pretty well when compared to a lot of its counterparts that fall within a similar price bracket. Sure, it’s no Fenty, but having given the foundations a good ol’ swatch at the launch, there’s something to suit light, olive and dark skin tones alike. My match was somewhere around two thirds the way on the colour spectrum - shade 13 for the winter months, 13.5 for the summer ones. If I'm being pernickety, it would be good to see nuances between certain undertones catered for even more on the darker side, but it's something I feel that the brand would be more than receptive to from seeing its interaction with its fans on Instagram and emphasis on being adaptable in response to consumer feedback.

Texture-wise, they’re easy to blend and buildable too with their doe-foot applicators making for a nice way to provide better control and less waste.

What’s more, to coincide with the arrival of the new foundation, this week also sees the launch of a couple of extra beauty goodies too. First up, is the brand’s new beauty campaign, created to celebrate the brand’s suits-all approach to beauty. Using zero retouching, the 24 people featured span different genders and ages, to showcase the brand’s commitment towards creating affordable and accessible cosmetics for all.

Secondly, fans of the concealer will be happy to hear that the hugely popular cover-up now comes in a supersize 13g version for just £7. That’s three times the amount of product for just double the original price.

No doubt, these are going to fly off shelves.

Buy the new Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation at  Revolution Beauty  for £9.

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