Why the former Home and Away star's face is soaring in popularity when it comes to non-surgical procedures

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Did you see Margot Robbie’s BAFTAs look last night? Out of all the a-listers, we have to say we admired the Aussie’s look the most.

Created by Chanel makeup artist Pati Dubroff, Margot’s makeup paired gleaming skin with lashings of black eyeliner, topped off with sparkle - it was the BAFTAs after all.

With such a flawless look, it comes as no surprise a that Margot Robbie’s face is the most requested when it comes to non-surgical procedures, According to a survey carried out by London cosmetic cline The Private Clinic , 18 per cent of people said Margot’s face was the most aspirational, followed by 15 per cent saying Angelina Jolie and 11 per cent citing Meghan Markle as the face they most desire.

Until recently, people would request one specific feature they coveted (think Scarlett Johannson's lips) but Margot’s popularity presents a turn in the tide. Rather than one striking element, people seek to emulate Margot’s perfect face ratio. “The highest-ranked female celebrities tended to favour natural beauty, who are showcasing glowing skin and radiant faces rather than an overly dramatic or enhanced appearance,” say The Private Clinic.

Interestingly, one per cent of people surveyed thought Kim Kardashian was an aspirational surgery look, while eight per cent of people felt that one shouldn't aspire to be like a celebrity at all.

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