She’s responsible for beautifying some of the most famous faces in Hollywood but makeup artist, Mary Phillips’ latest makeup hack is surprisingly easy, effective and affordable. We explain all about her three dot concealer makeup trick that's gone majorly viral for all the right reasons

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For a makeup artist who spends all of her time tending to the gorgeous faces of celebs such as Kendall Jenner, JLo - we have JLo’s secrets to looking amazing btw - and Hailey Bieber (you know, of Hailey Bieber Rhode skincare fame), Mary Phillips is decidedly low-key. A vibe that extends not only to her personality but her style of makeup artistry too. You may be familiar with her famous ‘underpainting’ makeup technique which went viral  earlier this year: a unique method that involves applying different shades of concealer before foundation so that when all blended together it creates a flawless glowy base simply and speedily. Now, she has taken to her social channels again to reveal another simplistic but effective hack which she coined the 'three dot concealer method'. 

Beginning stages of Mary Phillips' underpainting technique

The three dot concealer method, which as you may have guessed uses three dots of concealer, creates the effect of an eye lift with just one product and in mere moments. And unsurprisingly everyone has gone mad for it, with the video having had over 13.3 million view on TikTok

If you’re struggling to sleep or struggle with insomnia then this simple trick is something you need in your makeup know-how as it not only does it make the eye area look lifted but it makes it look brighter and fresher too.

Plus, the three dot concealer hack showcases, again, how effortlessly looking skin can be done easily, simply and on any budget. This is the polar opposite of many of the makeup looks that bombard social media and take multiple products, many many steps and a degree in fine art to master. Mary Phillips' three dot concealer trick is an everyday makeup trick that anyone can do and really works. And for that we love her whole heartedly.

What is the three dot concealer trick?

@makeupbymaryphillips #LOrealParisPartner Here's my 3 dot Infallible Concealer method I use on clients (and myself)! Love this trick using @lorealparisusa and tag me if you try it! #concealerhack #infallibleconcealer #makeup ♬ original sound - Mary Phillips

We could build this up with some mega intro but the reality is it’s very simple. Phillips uses one product; a creamy concealer - she favours the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H More Than Concealer, £9.99 - which she regularly uses on Kendall Jenner (who has just been signed as a L’Oreal ambassador), but you can, of course, use any you like - we have an edit of the best concealers if you’re on the lookout for a new one. The only requirement is it needs to be fairly creamy so that it blends easily and the reason Mary likes the L'Oreal one is that it doesn't crease under the eye, which is also an essential as you need the skin to look flawless not crepey, and it delivers the perfect amount of coverage. 

How to do the three dot concealer trick

Phillips applies a largish dot of concealer on the outer corner of her nostril, another dot on the inner corner of the eye and a final dot on the outer corner of the eye. 

She then uses a slightly damp  Beauty Blender Original Sponge, £13.40  - but says you can also use a brush or your fingers - and starting at the nose blends up to the next dot and then along to the next, and blends out towards the temple. By adding light in this particular shape and area you can see it instantly creates the illusion of lift and also helps even the most tired of eyes look more awake. 

Phillips also advises that if you want extra lift to blend the concealer in more of an upward motion at the temples. And once you're happy with how it looks you can then apply your foundation to any areas that need it. We're sold! And we've got our eyes peeled to Phillips' TikTok page to see the next makeup hack because that's bound to be genius too.