Get your dose of the original 12-shade Naked Heat palette for nearly half the price with the brand’s new small but mighty launch

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When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, Urban Decay has established itself as one of the best brands around for fuelling eye colour creativity. The launch of Naked Heat (read our review here)  last June was a perfect demonstration of this, with its selection of 12 sunset-inspired shades giving our smokey eye a warmer and richer sunset slant. At almost £40 though, it’s certainly the investment. However, thanks to the arrival of the brand’s new Petite Heat palette (great name btw), you can get your fix for nearly half the price.

What makes the new Naked launch stand out from its predecessors? Here's what you need to know.

It's made up of all-new shades

Containing six new full-size warm neutrals inspired by the original, the palette offers a streamlined edit that covers a range of burning eyeshadow needs. From liner inspo to  cut-creasing,  its five matte shadows and highlighting demi-matte option can be used solo or layered on top of one another to achieve various degrees of intensity. Personal favourites include the terracotta Hot Spell, the reddish brown Strike and rich cayenne Heist.

It's travel-friendly

Its more compact size is certain to come in handy ahead of the bevy of Bank Holiday weekends that we have coming up. Small enough to fit in a handbag, but sturdy enough to withstand a few knocks on a night out, it's certainly more practical and portable than its predecessor.

It provides great colour payoff

Extremely pigmented, each shade provides impressive levels of colour payoff whether worn alone or blended on top of one another. The look's definitely more eye-catching that a traditional neutral eye, but that's its appeal - it's great for adding a pop of colour or helping you step outside your usual daytime comfort zone if you're used to wearing something more subtle.

It won't be on your cheeks by midday

Just like the others in the Naked family, its shadows are really long-lasting. I found that they stayed put from morning until the evening and didn't sink into the fine lines around my eyes too much - just a couple of small touch-ups were needed throughout the day to safeguard my handiwork.

The verdict?

The term 'small but mighty' comes to mind - I found a use for every shade and when blended together, they gave my smokey eye a creative but wearable twist. It offers all the best bits of the original in something that's half the size and half the price. An equally pint-sized brush to match though would be a welcome addition.

Urban Decay Petite Heat is £26 and is available to buy online here

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