If you’re looking for a more hydrating way to hold onto your makeup, Hydro Grip's for you

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From skincare sticks to Tattoo Stamps, there’s nothing boring about Milk Makeup’s  beauty offering. And their newest arrival follows suit - a moisture-boosting primer containing hemp-derived cannabis seed extract to provide hydration and hold in equal measure.

Called Hydro Grip Primer , £27, its name alone sounds like the dream for my dry to combination skin type. I generally tend to avoid primers  as they can feel quite cloying, the trade-off being that my base doesn’t go on as smoothly in the morning and can look patchy by evening. This launch could be the product that helps change my mind though if its ingredients list is anything to go by.

What makes it different

Unlike many primers out there, it’s oil-free and silicone-free, vegan and fragrance-free.

What’s in it though is just as interesting as what’s not. As well as omega oil-rich hemp-derived cannabis seed extract , an ingredient put to good use in the brand’s best-selling KUSH Mascara and KUSH Lip Balm, its hydrating credentials are further bolstered by the use of aloe water, glycerin and hyaluronic acid . It also contains barrier-boosting niacinamide  too.

Containing a bevy of hydration heavyweights, you’d probably worry that it’s primed to slip right off your face. I was. To counteract fears though, the brand has included blue agave extract, chosen for its ability to smooth skin and provide the requisite amount of grit expected of a primer.

Another interesting point of difference to other primers on the market is its interesting green tint...which I was worried might make me look a little, well, Kermit-y. Thankfully though, I’m happy to report that it goes on clear for a seamless rather than swamp-like finish.

What it’s like to apply

The silky gel slips smoothly onto skin - it’s certainly more lightweight and refreshing than other primers I’ve tried in the past. Just two pumps are all that’s needed to cover face and neck comprehensively.

It’s recommended that you leave it on for a minute before applying makeup to allow it fully absorb and “activate the grip,” advice that I’d advise adhering too (pun intended). It leaves a lovely glowy finish that isn’t greasy and doesn’t feel heavy on skin either.

The verdict

From formula to finish and feel, it addressed all of my previous primer apprehensions. My base still looked smooth and fresh in the evening (when it usually starts looking a little patchy) and my skin didn't feel heavy or clogged up either.

If you’re looking for something that hydrates your skin but also helps you hang onto your makeup, this serum-textured option could be for you.

Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer, £27.  Buy it now .

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