Handbag and budget-friendly, MUA’s new sweat-proofing duo are about to become your new summer staples

When it comes to sweat, my face unfortunately has zero chill. It takes just a 10-minute ride on the train or a walk in the sun for my glands to go into overdrive and give my complexion a ‘just run through a car wash’ type of look. It’s fair to say that I don’t agree with the heat as well as I'd like, so a few adjustments often need to be made to my makeup regime in the warmer months as a result. A primer and a cooling spray have fast become summer staples of mine for giving my base a little more staying power and high street favourite MUA  has just the launches for keeping things as cheap as possible - their new Pro Base Soothe & Cool Primer Stick , £5, and Cooling Spray , £4.

Designed to prep, cool and calm skin, the Primer Stick has proven to be a particular favourite of mine first thing in the morning when my skin’s feeling particularly flushed after a hot night spent tossing and turning. With a hydrating balmy texture that melts into skin, it’s refreshingly mess-free for a primer and despite its blue colour, dries invisibly to provide a traceless base for your foundation. Extra tip - keep it in the fridge for an icy blast after a sweltering commute.

As for during your commute, the brand’s Cooling Spray is a must for anyone familiar with the sauna on wheels that is a London Underground train. Fast-absorbing and with a decongesting menthol scent that helps provide some much-needed calm amidst the chaos of your train carriage, it leaves skin and senses instantly refreshed.

The ideal pint-sized duo to help you and your makeup get through the summer months, they’re the purse-friendly additions to your routine that can make a world of difference.

MUA Pro/Base Soothe & Cool Primer Stick , £5.  MUA Pro/Base Cooling Spray , £4.