Bad night's sleep? Nars’ new Climax mascara will help you fake a fatigue-fighting flutter

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When it comes to mascaras, it’s tricky to have it all. Greater volume, length, curl…it’s hard to find one that scores highly in all three however, (as I’m sure you’ve probably sussed from the headline), I think I’ve finally found one to challenge my previous preconceptions and it comes courtesy of Nars.

Called Climax, this racy number has started to create quite the buzz online - and its name is only part of the reason why. Claiming to deliver maximum volume but without the usual clumping and heaviness that can come with it, it also serves up an ample dose of lift too. Available in one shade called ‘Explicit Black’ (relatively tame compared to the brand’s ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Deep Throat’ blushers), it looks primed to become another bestseller. Here’s what you need to know about the new arrival and what makes it different from the rest of the pack.

The formula

The best way that I can describe it is whipped. Which, considering its name, seems quite apt. It’s surprisingly lightweight for a volumising mascara  and as well as providing a clump-free finish, it doesn’t leave lashes feeling stiff. It’s easy to build and doesn’t smudge throughout the day either.

The brush

Big, bristly and, ahem, ribbed for your pleasure, its custom-designed brush (exclusive to Nars) offers a refreshing amount of control despite its full-bodied size. When wiggled through from root to tip, it distributes its creamy black inky formula really smoothly, coating each lash evenly and intensely.

The verdict

I think by now you’ll probably have guessed that I really loved this mascara. Volumising without being heavy and great for adding shape, it instantly lifted my face (applied on just my left eye in the image above for comparison) and helped me appear less fatigued as a result. Offering great definition to my lower lashes and curl to my upper ones, it’s the new addition to my early morning makeup routine that I’ll be using time and time again to look more awake.

Nars Climax Mascara, £21.  Buy it online here .

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