New makeup to cheer you into the New Year

Anna Hunter 4 January 2018
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New makeup to cheer you into the New Year

It’s stormy, the party’s over and you’re back to leaving the house in the dark to go to work. January is here, and it could feel all glum and dreary, however, the new year glut of makeup launches did not get the ‘fun sponge’ memo that often accompanies all things Jan. In fact, much of the fresh pickings in beauty land are bright, kitsch and having none of this post-festive season ennui, thanks very much. Here’s a rundown of some happy clappy cosmetic newness, many of which are cheering just to look at. We need all the joy we can get currently.

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Beautyblender Chill, £16

New year, new makeup sponge. If your usual applicator is looking a bit tired, this turquoise take on the classic teardrop shaped blender will transport you straight to summer holiday vibes, even it’s standing room only on the bus and raining buckets. Aptly for its sea blue shade, the beautyblender is water activated- wet it, squeeze out the excess then “bounce” foundation, blusher, highlighter or any other base over skin. Given that the average blender needs replacing every three months , this bold aquamarine version seems like a good mood-boosting bet for these cold, grey times.

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Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Paint-On Liquid Lip Colour, £25

With three finishes and 22 loud and proud shades to choose from, this is liquid lipstick with the volume dial set to max. Each lipstick is full coverage, with a matte, wet vinyl or metallic effect and all are designed to be more comfortable and hydrating than the often drying traditional liquid lipstick formula. If you’re going there, we advocate a bold hue, because red lips et al aren’t just for Christmas.

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CYO makeup, from £3.50

The US beauty imports came thick and fast in 2017, and if the likes of colourful, creative and kind-to-the-wallet CYO are anything to go by, the American invasion is showing no signs of slowing (see also:  Julep ). The 180 strong collection launched into Boots recently, with jewel-like metallic shadows, bold “semi-permanent” eyeliners and ‘Rainbow Warrior’ eye palettes already picking up acclaim. I’m soon to meet the makers, so shall report back, but the future’s looking bright in terms of affordable high street colour, although foundation and concealer shade ranges currently leave a lot to be desired.

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Bobbi Brown Extra Lip Tint in Bare Pink Sparkle, £25.50

If the name conjures up images of a sticky Barbie-esque concoction, no fear- this sheer balm contains just enough glimmer to make lips look smoother and fuller, but not enough for a full on glitter lip. The clear formula transforms to a pinky hue to suit you on application, so after a while you’re left with a lip stain effect, and you can swipe it on at speed with no mirror needed, which adds to dark winter morning snooze time.

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Clarins SOS Primers, £26.50 each

Colour-correcting primers  are nothing new, but this pastel rainbow of a range is extensive in scope- from champagne to boost radiance (even if it’s the only champagne you’re indulging in this month) to green to counteract redness  and lavender to neutralise sallowness , there are six colour coded makeup anchors and skin gripe solvers to choose from, and all are oil-free, hydrating and supported by an anti-pollution complex in readiness for resuming a smoggy commute.

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Lancôme Limited Edition Macaroon Blusher, £35

Doing the best patisserie impression we’ve ever witnessed in the makeup world, this sweet treat of a set combines a whipped cream blusher, available in coral and rose, with a raspberry coloured blender. This is the kind of cutesy, frivolous nonsense that January needs.

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CliniqueFIT Lip+Cheek Flush, £17

From the fun to the functional, this multi-purpose stain is designed with workouts in mind, whether you’re wearing it during or wishing to mimic a post hot yoga glow without the actual exertion. Basically, it’s kind to gym skin in that it’s fragrance and oil-free, and it won’t run, fade or move if you are sweating it, but if you’re simply looking for an easy stain that stays put whatever you’re doing, this is that too.

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YSL La Laque Couture in Kinetic Blue, £19.50

YSL’s spring 2018 collection is a riot of candy inspired colour, but this sky blue polish in particular will get your year off to a punchy, glossy start. Just looking at your hands after a round with this will perk your spirits up- brights may be associated with summer, but midwinter’s when we need them most. January blues just took on a whole new meaning.

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