You wonder why no one had thought of magnetic brush set before and then two come along at the same time, courtesy of two of the biggest names in makeup. Here's why we're not going back

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We’ve all been guilty of throwing our makeup brushes into our makeup bags when we’re darting out of the door and swearing we'll wash them come the weekend. But, months later have we? Have we, hell. Tissues, eye pencil shavings - it's a veritable bacteria fest in there sometimes that can transfer straight to our skin when it gets tangled in the bristles of an unprotected brush.

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Now makeup artist Ruby Hammer MBE and the Trinny Woodall of Trinny London have created their own stackable, magnetic makeup brush sets. Now, these are two completely separate launches, same idea, same price. Clearly great minds think very much alike.

Ruby Hammer Magnetic Brush Set, £28

Some of you will remember Ruby’s previous collaborative line, Ruby and Millie, with Millie Kendall, which was discontinued in 2011. But this time Ruby’s going solo with her eponymous capsule tool collection and first to launch is her Magnetic Brush Set. With more than 25 years of experience in the beauty industry and being a makeup artist to stars, such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Saoirse Ronan, Ruby knows her way around a makeup brush.

The idea stemmed from Ruby’s own need for a brush that could do it all and be hygienically carried around. The clever, ruby-red design features three miniature brushes in one satisfyingly ergonomic magnetic tool. The set is made up of a pointed crease brush for eyeshadow or concealer, an angled brush for liner or brows and a smudge brush for lip colour or eyeshadow, slot together to make a neat ‘pen’ size gadget, reminiscent in shape and size of those Ruby and Millie lip glosses we loved. Ruby has deliberately avoided naming each brush so users will feel confident to use any brush, how they please.

Sustainably made, the brushes make it easier for beauty lovers to keep all their brushes in one handy place. You simply pop off each brush, use and push them back together in any order to store. In our hands, this trip feels nice and weighty, with bristles dense enough to give really good pickup. We're waiting eagerly for her next products - to follow are a miniature nail kit and makeup brush pot.

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Trinny London T-Kit, £28

Trinny is the undisputed queen of stackable beauty products and she has just released her first beauty tools in the form stackable brushes. With three brushes in one, the design is a sparkling silver colour, printed with Trinny London's trademark pattern.

Unlike Ruby, Trinny has named each of these vegan micro brush for its purpose; ‘line’ for brows or liner, ‘shade’ for concealer or eyeshadow and ‘lip’ for gloss or colour. Of course, these can be interchangeable but it could be useful if you forget which one you used for which area.

Trinny’s primary concern was portability. “I wanted to create a brush system that fits in with our brand values of portable, stackable and personalised. Each T-Kit contains three beautiful brushes that enable you to do a full makeup look.”

Available to Trinny Tribe members now and on general release from 15th October 2019 at