Does the newest addition to the MAC makeup line up hold the key to flawless, glowing skin? I put it to the test

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When it comes to foundations, it's fair to say that MAC is all about that base - especially in terms of shade range. One of the few beauty counters growing up that I could count on to have a product for my skin tone, its latest launch looks to raise the base bar that much higher.

MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation was the cover up of choice in the kit bags of many a makeup artist during the past season's Fashion Weeks. A new innovation for the beauty brand in terms of texture and formulation, what makes it so special and could it rival my trusty compact of MAC Studio Tech?

“It’s the perfect balance of matte and luminous,” says renowned makeup artist and MAC Executive Director of Make-up Artistry Terry Barber. “Backstage this past season, I used it on every model and it adapted to every skin situation whether they were normal, oily, dehydrated etc.” He adds, “A lot of models were blown away by the texture on their skin. When you get a reaction like that from seasoned models, you know you have something special on your hands.”

Always on the hunt for products to help me feign glowing skin (without angering my temperamental T-zone), I attended the launch to see if it really was as good as it sounded.

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How does it match up?

With my expectations high, I’m glad to say that it didn’t disappoint.

I booked in with Senior Artist Debbie Finnegan - a makeup artist whose work I love at London Fashion Week (think glowy, natural, radiant, dewy skin - my kinda lady!) who gave me a masterclass in base control.

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The first thing that makes this particular foundation stand out is its dropper applicator. The texture of the foundation is more fluid and water-like than others (hence its name), so the dropper acts as a handy way of keeping messiness to a minimum and offering a greater degree of control when it comes to dispensing just the right amount of product.

In terms of colour range, there are 23 shades available from fair tones (NC15) to deep ones (NW50) - the latter being just a couple of hues lighter than the darkest shade across MAC (NW58 in its Studio Fix Fluid line), but still pretty comprehensive nonetheless.

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Finish-wise, you’re looking at a buildable sheer to medium level of coverage - the kind of veil-like ‘no makeup makeup’ appeal that I look for in a base. As Terry Barber so wonderfully puts it, “The product is especially perfect for those who want perfect skin but don’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of foundation.”

Using a foundation brush to buff it into my skin, Debbie then fine-tuned it by working it in with her fingers to create a smooth natural final look that subtly blurred blemishes and gave my complexion a noticeable lift. She topped it off with a highlighting application of MAC Strobe Cream , £24.50, on the tops of my cheekbones to add a touch of luminosity that complemented the glow of the foundation perfectly. The finishing touch came courtesy of a pop of colour using the gorgeous deep wine shade in the new MAC Trend Forecast Spring 16 Lip palette , £35.

So did the foundation match up in my opinion? Yes, in fact it’s now become my new season base of choice. My little airbrush in a bottle so to speak for days when my skin needs a bit of a pep talk, offering natural looking, lightweight coverage that makes it look even, radiant and well-rested.

MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation is £25.50 and is available to buy at all MAC locations and .

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