What does airbrush makeup mean for the future of foundation and makeup brushes? I put the new Temptu Airbrush Makeup Device to the test to see if it could change the way we apply makeup for good

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Fast, flawless makeup - is there really such a thing? There might just be and it comes in the form of the new Temptu Airbrush Makeup Device.

Described as the first cordless makeup applicator, it aims to change the way we go about applying our makeup by merging the worlds of colour cosmetics and tools and provide a one-stop-shop for answering all of our base, bronze and blush needs. Comprising of a handheld gadget, a wide-ranging collection of foundations, blushes, highlighters and a universal bronzer via compact ‘Airpods,’ this new tool looks to make the concept of airbrush makeup more accessible than ever. “In the past, an airbrush machine was used by makeup artists to create something more creative or avant-garde,” explains top makeup artist and Get The Gloss Expert Caroline Barnes . “However, this brings the airbrush into the 21st century," she says. "It's like a mini hairdryer, plus, it’s cordless as well making it really portable and lightweight. It provides a professional finish without any faffing whatsoever.”

Zero faff? It sounded incredibly appealing to me. With a foundation shade range going from ‘Porcelain 001’ to ‘Chestnut 011,’ I was pleasantly surprised by its colour choice and curious to see whether it lived up to its hype and heftier price tag - a splurge-worthy £160 (gulp), with each foundation Airpod  costing £36,  blush  £24, the universal bronzer  £28, and highlighter  £28. Could it be worth the initial investment though? I put it to the test to find out...

How easy is it to use?

Very. The instructions were refreshingly simple to follow and it only took 1-2 hours to charge up before I could give it a go. The particularly great thing about it was that I could switch from base to blush to bronzer without having to clean it out before each use, meaning that I could transition from each step of my makeup regime pretty seamlessly. Simply shake the Airpod you want to use, click the primer switch, unplug the pigment and insert into the device - sounds more complicated than it actually is I promise! It soon became routine once I got used to it.

Once set up, you then need to pop on one of its three air flow settings to suit the type of makeup you’re applying: 1 - for more targeted application (on spots etc.), 2 - for foundation, blush and bronzer and 3 - for highlighter and larger areas of the body. The level of coverage is determined by how many times you sweep it across your skin, ranging from 1-2 for sheer, 2-3 for medium and 3-4 for full. Total time shaved off my regime? Enough in the morning to sit down with a cup of tea and watch about 10 minutes of this week’s ‘First Dates’...

How does the actual makeup measure up?

Applied in small circular motions four finger widths away from the face, building up intensity was refreshingly easy to do and left a fine veil of surprisingly lightweight mask-free makeup that softly diffused unevenness and blemishes. Seamless with none of the tell-tale ‘streaks’ I was worried would be left behind, I just gently fine-tuned with my fingers and left to set (literally for around 20 seconds), before dabbing on some translucent powder on my oil-prone T-zone to ready my skin for the day. In fact, its pretty touch-proof primer-infused formula and natural finish immediately brought to mind how I would like my wedding day makeup (whenever that day comes) to look and behave - that is, appear picture perfect and last all day from Pulpit to party. “It’s beautiful for a bride,” says Caroline. “Every bride should own one of these in my opinion, as it will give you that airbrushed skin finish that looks perfect when people are looking closely at you in the daylight; plus, extra longevity whenever you need your look to last.”

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What skin types does it suit?

“Any skin type,” says Caroline, “But if you have oilier skin, choose products to suit - for example, apply powder if needed." While skin types that have more specific skin concerns such as extreme acne or deep pigmentation may find a more specialist range would provide more comprehensive coverage, most others will find that this new-age tool provides a quicker and easier alternative to a bottle and a brush.

Does the device give makeup brushes a run for their money?

In terms of challenging my preconceptions surrounding airbrush makeup, this gadget really did make a serious impression. There was zero cakeiness, makeup didn't get stuck in my eyebrows or hairline and it provided much better coverage than expected. It evenly and smoothly dispensed just the right amount of product onto my skin whether I was using it to apply my foundation, bronzer, blusher or highlighter and was great for subtle contouring. While I’d personally still prefer to use my makeup brushes and a more hands on approach for achieving a greater degree of detail in my efforts such as for dark circles and concealer work, it added an unmistakeable dose of uniformity and speediness to my handiwork which has become pretty hard to resist on days when I’ve needed a few extra minutes in bed...plus, the number of makeup brushes I've had to wash has drastically reduced too. Double bonus!

Any top makeup tips?

“Practice first,” advises Caroline. “Try applying it to half of your face with a lighter spritz of the spray and hold it over for a bit longer on the other side until you’re able to see how the product layers out.”

In order to achieve your perfect colour match Caroline adds, “Apply it in front of a big mirror in just a T-shirt or bra in daylight to see if the colour matches your chest - avoid doing it in under bathroom lights.”

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Is it worth the price?

If you’re looking for something that streamlines your makeup regime without skimping on quality, this could actually be worth the initial investment in my opinion. Why exactly? Well firstly, its three air speeds keep product wastage to a minimum, using only what’s required for achieving your desired finish to ensure that your product of choice goes that much further. “It isn’t cheap, but it is a definite investment product. If you’re a makeup addict - I defy you not to love it,” says Caroline.

Next, it’s a lot of fun to use. If you’re caught in the midst of a makeup rut at the moment, don’t like the feel of too much makeup on your face or are looking for a secret weapon in your beauty artillery that helps achieve pro results for when you’re particularly time-poor, this really does deliver on its claims on providing “instant, effortless skin perfection.”

“It’s definitely not one to walk by without trying,” says Caroline. "It gives a fine delicate look to the skin that looks professional and polished - almost like you’ve just had your makeup done.” And I completely agree. Now, if they can just make one for eye makeup too, I’d be set...

The Temptu Makeup Airbrush Device is £160 and is available to  buy online here  or in-store from Space NK.

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