With skincare and makeup ranging from £8 to £20, there’s something for every bank balance. Here are our top product picks

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If ASOS Face + Body  and Topshop Beauty  were to have a baby, I’d imagine it would look pretty close to Urban Outfitters’ new Ohii skincare and makeup line. Moderately budget-friendly (prices range from £8 for a hand cream to £20 for a highlighter palette) with packaging and campaign imagery that’s all about self-expression, creativity and diversity, its selfie-friendly formulations and finishes are primed and ready to take Instagram by storm.

There are 13 pieces in the range, with 29 different shade and scent options, to cover a pretty wide variety of bases (although, base is actually the one thing that’s lacking at the moment). It’s refreshingly unfussy, with the focus more on simplicity and ease of use - you’ll find everything from a clay cleanser/mask hybrid to vegan deodorants and pigmented eye palettes in its portfolio.

So what should you try? Here are our top picks.

Ohii Mini Mascara, £14

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This stealthy lengthening mascara has become a brand bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. It allows you to reach even the hardest-to-reach of lashes with ease. Great for the clump-prone and for achieving a fluttery flutter.

Ohii Shadow Palettes, £20

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With great colour payoff and assortments of shades that cover pared back and smokey looks well, they’re the ideal partners for party season.

Ohii Glass Powder, £15

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This suits-all powder is great for on-the-go shine control. Its lightweight texture is a particularly welcome feature, especially for those who don’t like anything too heavy on their skin.

Ohii Lip Jelly in Mint, £8

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Glossy, refreshing and hydrating, this pint-sized salve will serve you well in the winter months.

Ohii Soft Glow Highlighter in Cosmic Jasper, £20

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If you like your highlight a little juicy, this is your perfect match. With three illuminating shades to mix and match between, it provides an ethereal sheen to cheekbones and the tops of the Cupid’s bow.

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