Powerful pigments, luxurious creams and ‘aliengelic’ highlighters - the legendary makeup artist’s hugely popular range has landed on Net-a-Porter. Here’s why her kits are so sought-after

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Until now, British beauty fans have only been able to get their Pat McGrath Labs fix from afar, watching it sell out Stateside and counting down the days until they could get their hands on it here in the UK. Well, we have some good news. The wait is over, as today sees the legendary makeup artist’s hugely popular range debut exclusively on Net-a-Porter, allowing customers outside the US to buy the brand’s most sought-after kits for the very first time.

Featuring four of the Lab’s most popular limited collections, (ranging from £55 to £150), browsers will be able to click between its Skin Fetish 003 Kits , £70, Metalmorphosis 005 Kits , from £55, Dark Star 006 Kits , £120 and Lust 004 Everything Kit , £135, to provide a pretty mindblowing array of pigments, colours and textures to experiment with.

Even the packaging is something rather special - metallic lined bags full of gold and silver glitter - ‘eye-catching’ doesn’t even begin to describe them. When the Metalmorphosis 005 Everything and Skin Fetish 003 Kits arrived at our offices, we’re not embarrassed to say that jaws may have dropped.

More importantly though, what about the products? First impression-wise, the sheer volume of goodies included in each kit immediately stands out. Metalmorphosis 005 for example, contains a staggering 10 pieces and Skin Fetish 003, three. Did they meet our expectations? Here’s what happened when we tried them out first-hand.

Metalmorphosis 005 Everything Kit, £150

What’s inside:

  • Gold 001 Pigment
  • Silver 005 Pigment
  • Bronze 005 Pigment
  • Copper 005 Pigment
  • Mehron Mixing Liquid
  • Gold 005 Cream
  • Silver 005 Cream
  • Bronze 005 Cream
  • Copper 005 Cream
  • Black Dual-ended Marker

The blowout-buy in the collection, this kit is jam-packed with makeup possibilities to not only provide plenty of product for your pennies but also huge amounts of colour payoff too. Admittedly a little overwhelming when you have everything spread out in front of you, the collection comes complete with handy instructions from Pat herself to ensure that you get the most out of the variety of textures and colours provided. From bronze to silver to gold, there’s a precious metal for every skin tone and every occasion - its comprehensiveness is pretty staggering.

Densely pigmented, they look amazing either worn alone or layered. For something low-key, a swipe of one of the creams fits the bill beautifully. For extra intensity, layer one of the pigments on top for a shimmering finish. Spreading evenly and smoothly, the ease with which they glide on makes for a pleasant surprise (past experiences with glitter-like products have often been a lot messier). For more pinpoint pigment accuracy, simply dip a brush into the Mixing Liquid and finish with a flick of the Dual-Ended eyeliner for increased definition. A satisfyingly rich black, it’s one of the best liquid eyeliners  we’ve tried (and this is coming from a self-confessed eye marker maniac).

Buy it online here .

Wearing Gold 001 Pigment layered on top of Gold 005 Cream. Pigment swatches from left to right: Silver 005, Gold 001, Bronze 005 and Copper 005

Skin Fetish 003 Kit in Nude, £70

What’s inside:

  • Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter + Balm Duo
  • Iridescent Pink 003 Pigment
  • Buffer 003 Brush

Providing all the tools needed for adding an almost otherworldly glow to cheekbones and high points of the face, this trio of highlighting essentials carries versatility and creativity at its core. A kit that’s almost chameleon-like in its colour range, the balm and highlighter of the dual-ended Shiny Stick can either be worn solo or combined depending on the level of extra dimension you’re looking to achieve. For extra wattage, buff the pigment on top for an ‘aliengelic gleam’ that looks stunningly ethereal but also wearable at the same time.

Buy it online here

Swatches from left to right: Shiny Stick with the Pigment on top, Highlighter + Balm, Highlighter alone, Balm alone

The bottom line...

Buy them. No, we’re kidding, (but seriously do). The wealth of colour and cosmetics at your fingertips is a wonderful thing and, of the two kits we tried, they’re also extremely versatile, with each product designed to be applied to eyelids, lips, cheek and brow bones, decolletage, shoulders...anywhere really to showcase features in the most radiant of lights. Plus, they’re also easy to take off too. Ranging from £55 to £150, it’s a welcome feature that you’re able to pick and choose a kit that best suits your budget and with each supplying anything from three to eleven products, it works out pretty good value for money considering the quality of what you’re getting. Here’s hoping that we’ll also have the option to buy the products individually too one day as every one stands out in their own right.

What’s next for the partnership? Come October, the new Lust: MatteTrance Lipstick collection hits our shores. We’ve already marked it in our calendars.

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