Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is an exceptional, record-breaking ruler. She also doesn’t give two hoots about doing her makeup in public…

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Today Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for an incredible 23,226 days with grace, good humour and very little fuss whatsoever. She’s also never, not even once, had a hair out of place, a wonky lip line or gone a bit bananas with the bronzer. Of course she has the great and good of the beauty industry at her beck and call, but her timeless style does not bow down to fleeting fashions or gimmicks. Throughout her 63 years as monarch she’s stuck to her beauty guns, and she’s also determinedly DIY ( remember her whipping out her lipstick at last year’s Commonwealth Games ?). Long live the Queen, and her lipstick for that matter. Here’s what Her Majesty favours…

A berry hued lip

Our sovereign is never without her lipstick. Neatly tucked away in her bespoke Launer handbag, almost always in a red berry shade and very likely to be an Elizabeth Arden classic (the beauty brand holds a royal warrant), the Queen has no qualms about touching her lip colour in front of her subjects. Cue a seal of royal approval for women of the world to do their makeup on the tube etc. Her Majesty comprehends more than most the power of a strong lip; she had her very own commissioned for her coronation in 1952, a blue-red, coined the ‘Balmoral’, to match her robes on the day. She barely faltered from her favoured shade since. Emulate Elizabeth II with  Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Moisturizing Lipstick in Power Red , £21.

A nude nail

Should you ever be shown the ungloved royal hand, you will remark that her nails are of course impeccably manicured, and adorned in the most flattering pinky nude on the planet, namely  Essie Ballet Slippers , £10.95. No edgy nail art for our head of state. She likes to keep hands soft and nourished with  Clarins Hand and Nail Cream , £21.

Flawless porcelain skin

Perhaps because her getaways of choice is um, Scotland, or possibly due to her fondness of skin saving Clarins and Elizabeth Arden (surely a blob of  Beauty Flash Balm , £29 has brightened Her Majesty’s visage on dull days), Queen Elizabeth II in in possession of beautifully smooth, unblemished skin. For 89, she’s hot to trot, and we suspect a fine powder puff is applied on the regular. Classic beauty is her forte.

A bit of an outdoorsy flush

Most of the time likely genuine, the Queen spent her childhood riding horses, exploring the wilds of country estates and later, walking her corgis. Add in a Scottish country dance or two (apparently she’s very light footed), and it’s no wonder that Queen Elizabeth II bucks the trend for a pale, ‘shut in the palace all day’ pallor and looks full of life. A touch of light pink blush enhances her energy, but that’s pretty much your lot. Emulate her warmth with  Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips & Cheeks in Pale Pink , £19.50. The Duchess of Cambridge wore Bobbi on her wedding day, and it’s likely her grandmother in law looked on in approval.

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