“A foundation you can smile in all day”- how does Bobbi Brown’s new oil-free, long-lasting, skin tone true foundation fare in the real world?

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As you may have observed via our Instagram , Bobbi Brown’s freshest foundation launch is playing on the fact that it’s so comfortable to wear and resilient that it adapts to every cheery facial expression you crack (#AllDaySmile) without, um, cracking. Also, the fact that it’s a flawless foundation in itself is intended to be smile inducing. Were we left beaming after a day and night in Bobbi’s newest base? Here’s what’s going down with Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 , £31.

What is it?

According to the brand, “a full coverage, natural matte foundation that blends seamlessly into skin for breathable, skin-perfecting coverage that looks fresh from sunrise to sunset.” In essence, the dream for anyone desiring no nonsense coverage but with a strong aversion to cake-face.

The foundation is formulated by way of a high speed cold fusion process, which sounds a lot like a trendy new juicing method, but apparently this serves up a product that’s rich in pigment yet light and longwearing, plus it’s ace at oil control. From a sebum slick regulation point of view, I’d agree- I applied in the morning, signed up for a lunch time gym class and still didn’t feel the need for powder even after a round of press-ups and whip through a sweaty changing room.

Exactly what comprises the “wear-extending ingredients”, we’re none the wiser, as full product ingredients aren’t disclosed. What is highlighted is the mineral powder and marine sugarcane which supposedly keeps oil in check (good job here), vitamin E and C for antioxidant bolstering and shea butter for hydration. The shea butter bit had me worried coming from the oily end of the combination skin spectrum, but it honestly wasn’t shiny or heavy, and I haven’t experienced any sudden breakouts thus far. Perhaps the gel base lightens things up, although it’s also not incredibly spreadable- it took me a while to smooth over skin and I’d argue with the full-coverage claim. It’s definitely buildable, and evens skin out nicely, but you’ll need to go in with a concealer afterwards to address blemishes and dark spots. As for all day wear, I had to touch up around my nose and chin to nix redness  post gym class, but other than the odd bit of spot-correction my skin still looked smooth and velvety without any chalkiness.

Another major plus is the shade range- while it’s not quite  Fenty  level in terms of its offering, the 30 shades have bang-on warm, cool and neutral undertones and look very natural once you’ve found your particular jam. I went a tiny bit warmer than I probably should have with Beige, but it came off as a slight tan rather than visage a l’orange. Golden hit the spot perfectly for Ayesha.

Who is it for?

Those with combination to moderately oily skin who need more coverage and longevity than dewy bases deliver, but not a full camouflage effect. The shea butter could definitely prove problematic if you’re an acne sufferer ( non-comedogenic makeup  is the order of the day here), and while I don’t have the ingredients list to hand (see above), the fairly strong whiff of lavender on application signals that this foundation is most definitely not fragrance-free , and given that lavender can sometimes be particularly irritating, those with  sensitive skin  might want to give this a wide berth.

All of the above said, I loved the look and feel of the foundation on my skin- it was flattering, non-obvious and matte but not meh, even after a day’s slog in the city. It doesn’t gather in fine lines or creases either so the #alldaysmile thing probably stands, but you clearly don’t need to pull a Cheshire cat impression to determine whether your foundation moves with your face or not. This does. End of.

The verdict

A mixed bag, and not for everyone, but then again what foundation is? Base is the most personal element of any makeup bag, and I’m a fan, but if you’re in any doubt Bobbi Brown counters and makeup artists are some of the best in the industry where in-store makeup advice and makeup application is concerned, so rock up and see how you get on with a shade match and trial wear (as long as you’re not suffering with acne or sensitive skin).

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