Rita Ora put on a brave face, literally, with graphic eyeliner at last night's GQ Awards. Actually, we quite like it, writes Judy Johnson

We're not going to lie - this one took us a minute before we decided that actually, we quite like it.

Rita Ora hit the red carpet at the GQ Awards last night with something a little different to the usual glitz and glam sported by female attendees - and no, we're not talking about the yellow and black floor length dress.

What did stand out, however, was her eye make-up. With a natural, glowing base and nude lip, Ora rocked a statement eyeliner, with a slick black line winging out at the sides and looping back across to the inner eye in a pretty curve. Simple, surprising and flawlessly drawn, at the right angle it opens up the eye and beautifully complements her edgy hairdo.

The immaculate lines were drawn by make-up artist Emma Osborne who Ora thanked on Twitter: "GQ Awards were [sic] on our way! Thank you the best makeup artist in the world @eosborne_makeup love you!!"

We think a bit of bravery in beauty is always a good thing and applaud the singer for trying something new. Black eyeliner is a staple in every Glossy's make-up bag so we'll be giving it a go, though perhaps pulling it off  requires a red carpet…?