And it’s just been restocked after a 6-week waitlist! Hurry if you want to get your hands on it

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It goes on green, it turns caramel on your skin, it knocks back redness and right now it’s the number one beauty product sold on Amazon. If you haven't tried   Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula  then join the crush. Sales of the £29.99 SPF 50 tinted moisturiser, originally for  rosacea  sufferers wanting to tone down and soothe redness, doubled in January and February this year, when 40,000 tubes flew off the shelves. Online retailer  Victoria Health  couldn't keep it in stock and racked up a six-week waitlist (it's now back in stock).

What's behind the cream that Amazon reviewers are calling ‘magical stuff’ and ‘witchcraft’? Lara Sinclair, Victoria Health's COO and rosacea sufferer herself puts the rise down to our use of face coverings. "Wearing a mask is making rosacea so much worse, not just in my personal experience but according to my dermatologist," she says. "The heat and moisture under the mask is a breeding ground for rosacea sufferers." According to the NHS, an estimated one in ten of us has the condition.

What does Rosalique do?

The creation of German biomedical research scientist Dr Martin Schiele, Rosalique was launched in 2018 for people with hypersensitive, redness-prone skin. It's a pale green moisturiser that neutralises redness and has an adaptive tint that transforms it into a conventional skin-like tinted cream with surprisingly good coverage.

Ingredients include anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory bisabolol derived from chamomile, wound-healing and soothing panthenol to reduce redness and moisturising shea butter and urea. The broad-spectrum SPF element is important too; UV rays are a trigger for redness.

Its magic lies in the way it works immediately and over time. In studies it calmed and soothed irritated skin when used daily over four-to-eight weeks, helping to manage rosacea long-term.

Can anyone use it?

It's not just popular for treating one particular skin condition. It's a sheer and light base that makeup artist  Caroline Barnes  loves for quick everyday wear. "If I'm popping to the shops I'll just use this and that's it. You can see how quickly and easily it neutralises the red and allows me to wear less foundation," she told us, when she took our  Get the Gloss in 7 makeup challenge . "It's very good for guys," she added. Our Editorial Director Victoria uses it as her summer BB cream too.

It has a bit of work to do for inclusivity through, as the universal (albeit adaptive) shade makes it only suitable for lighter skin tones. The green pigments don’t blend well into darker skin tones. “The colour was off for me to use as a base,” says GTG’s Jemma Thompson. “It left me with a greyish cast. Having said that, it can still be used to help conceal spots as it takes the redness out before applying concealer, but for full-face application, the colour match doesn’t work.”

All is not lost though, as Rosalique recognises that darker skin tones suffer from rosacea too and told us that it's "looking into new technology to support similar conditions in darker skin tones".

How long does it last?

You use it like a BB cream, but be aware that to get the SPF rating on the packet you have to top up every four hours with half a teaspoon for face and neck. As sheer as this is, in our experience a dedicated SPF over the top is best as insurance.

Lara tells us that the coverage lasts all day. "But if I was going out in the evening I would do a quick overlay and top up of both this and foundation."

Be warned, your hands might change colour if you're using your fingers. Lara says hands go dark blue or black as she applies it, but it washes off easily. "It’s very strange as you never see this on the face!" she says. It's nothing to be alarmed about, says Rosalique, t's merely reacting with the different skin tone. Rosalique addresses this quirk on its website FAQ s and suggest using a foundation brush, if it bothers you.

Buy  Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF 50 , £29.99.