Cheaper than cult US product, The MakeupDrop, we put Molly Cosmetics’ SiliSponge to the test to see if it was worthy of the buzz

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What if we were to tell you that the next big beauty tool wasn’t a makeup brush, wasn’t a blender, but was in fact a silicone pad? Molly Cosmetics’ SiliSponge is causing quite the sturr on social media, counting Instagram stars  Huda Kattan  and Jeffree Star among its fans. Claiming to cut down on wastage of product and needing only half of what you’d use with a normal brush or sponge, it promises smooth, even coverage. Does it deliver? We tried it to find out.

First impressions…

...akin to something between Scholl Party Feet and a chicken fillet, we can't help but wonder if we should try slipping it into our shoe or bra first. Made of durable silicone, it’s noticeably more solid than any makeup sponge we’ve used before however, it proves easy to put into practice - use circular or back and forth movements to spread our liquid or cream product of choice, tap to blend and fold to create a point for more targeted delivery.

Lasting impressions...

...surprisingly positive. Foundation was evenly distributed and the finish, seamless. A bit fiddly to get in under the eyes and corners of the nose though, we’d prefer more specialist brushes for concealer and more detailed work. However, its key USPs certainly impressed. Its silicone material doesn’t absorb or soak up makeup like many other types of sponges out there, thus keeping waste to a minimum. Secondly, it is wonderfully easy to wash - simply use a mild soap with lukewarm water, dry and then use again. Thirdly, it’s markedly cheaper than a lot of other beauty tools out there, coming in at a  budget beauty  friendly, £8.

So should you swap your sponge for silicone? In terms of cost effectiveness and simplicity of cleansing, it certainly excels to make it a potential future makeup bag staple. However, the versatility and detail you get from a  makeup brush  or the warmth from your fingers can’t be beaten in our experience for achieving more comprehensive coverage.

How can you get your hands on one? You can now purchase the SiliSponge exclusively through the Molly Cosmetics profile on Metix App  for more immediate coverage for your cash.

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