By Terry Cheek to Cheek Water Color Blush is the healthiest flush around

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Cherry, pomegranate and a hefty dose of antioxidants - no it’s not your morning smoothie, it’s this season’s most invigorating blusher. A sheer, syrup tint that is 100% water-based and packed with active ingredients and fruit extracts, Cheek to Cheek will make your skin glow with health. It plumps, protects and makes you look mighty pretty in the process.

A cooling formula with a pipette applicator, the watercolour blush blends easily into the apples of the cheeks, despite looking shockingly bright at first glance. It dries quickly but not too quickly, allowing you to create a transparent, youthful blush that stays put all day. In short, it’s an instant shot of energy for your complexion. Combine it with that wholesome smoothie and you’ll radiate vitality inside and out.

By Terry Cheek to Cheek Water Color Blush, £29. Buy online at  Harrods  .