Meet the next phase in long-lasting body and face contouring for sculpting your way to more chiselled cheekbones and more streamlined limbs...

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Get your makeup brushes ready, because the dawn of tantouring is upon us.

“Tantouring? What’s that exactly?” we hear you ask. Essentially, it’s a clever mixture of makeup and self-tan to shape, sculpt and make limbs appear more svelte and cheekbones more chiselled both in the short and longer term too.

“It’s the new generation of contouring,” explains tanning expert James Read . “People want real looking definition that lasts, and becomes part of your face and body. It means you can do your contouring on a Friday night and don’t have to worry about reapplying until you’re back at work on Monday.”

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Spotted backstage at Holly Fulton at London Fashion Week this weekend, James debuted his brand new launch primed to set the new gold standard in bronzing. Its name? Tantour, (£30) a new contour bronzer with self-tan hitting shelves in March 2016. An innovative new multitasking beauty buy, it illuminates, contours and tans in one fell swoop thanks to its highlighting and sculpting duo of shades and ingenious formula which actually develops into a natural tan over 4 hours.

When it comes to celebrities who’ve mastered the trend to a T, we needn’t look too far for ample inspiration. “Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Ellie Goulding and Lara Stone,” are the A-listers who James thinks have the look perfected. “I always make sure their tan looks super natural – especially when tantouring.”

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About the launch James says, “I’ve been contouring with tan on the body for years, giving the illusion of muscle definition and structure. I started it as part of my treatments when I opened my first studio at the Sanderson hotel - as a professional it’s easy to do with spray tan, but has always been a bit daunting for those that want to try it at home.”

He adds, “I’m so excited to launch this first to market tan contouring duo – it’s a must-have for perfecting the final touches to a gorgeous looking tan. This one shade is suitable for all skin types, with the added skincare minerals and light reflecting particles defining a look that’s worthy of the red carpet!” With the mineral bronzer designed to deepen and sculpt your tan and the highlighting section of the palette designed to illuminate areas of the body and face that the light would naturally hit, tailor making your body makeup couldn’t be simpler.

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An insider trick which the experts have been using behind-the-scenes for years, we think this is one trend destined to be huge. A great way to add long-lasting dimension and definition to both face and body, this new launch could very well take our contouring games to the next level.

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