The best waterproof mascaras that seriously won’t budge

6 June 2017
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The best waterproof mascaras that won’t budge

Nobody wants to be that person with black river streams running down their face. With hoards of waterproof mascaras available on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will live up to their claims. So we took it upon ourselves to put waterproof mascaras through rigorous and demanding tests, and these were the ones that remained high and dry.

Come rain or cry, you can be assured that these mascaras will stay firmly in place…

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Clinique High Impact Waterproof Mascara, £18

Simply swish this mascara through your lashes and they’ll instantly appear longer, defined and thicker. Thanks to its specially created non-flaky formula, this Clinique mascara doesn’t clump, meaning you can easy build and layer extra coats for a dramatic false lash effect. What’s more, after putting this mascara through its paces, we were pleased to see no signs on smudging or dark circles – just gorgeously full and volumnised lashes.

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Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara, £24.50

When Lancome launched Hypnose upon us, we were giddy with excitement for its ability to strike the balance between fuller, yet natural-looking lashes. So, you can imagine our joy when they unveiled Hypnose with a waterproof formula. Splash, smudge and sweat-proof, this mascara’s long lasting SoftSculpt fluid formula provides 6 times more volume, while clinging firmly to the lashes. Its slightly curved PowerFULL brush was designed with 1000 sensors to coat the entire lash, while four different combs work to gently brush and separate the lashes for a soft effect. A true game-changer.

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Eyeko Sports Waterproof Mascara, £19

One for the busy bees, this nifty mascara is waterproof, sweat-proof and… well, frankly, just doesn’t budge. Whether you’re working hard at a desk, in the gym or on the dancefloor, this wonder product will work ten times harder to stay stubbornly attached to your lashes. Its life-changing formula is fibre-enhanced and has also been infused with fruit extracts, meaning volumnised and conditioned lashes. Simply get hold of its easy-to-grip rubber cap and swipe its uniquely designed wonky brush through your lashes a couple of times for instantly defined eyes. What’s even better, its squeezy tube packaging means none of the product goes to waste.

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Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara, £21.50

Our ultimate holiday go-to, this Clarins mascara delivers intense colour, dramatic volume and fluttering length – all while staying put, regardless of the conditions. Its combination of bitter orange tree wax and qualanace from olive protects the lashes from the rough effects of salt water and chlorine, while nourishing and conditioning them. Allowing you to go for a dip without a care in the world (and without the fear of emerging with panda eyes).

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Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde mascara, £9.99

If you’re looking to achieve fanned-out lashes, search no further than Bourjois’s Volume 1 Seconde mascara. Taking inspiration from professional round hairbrushes, the bristles on this wand alternate between small wrap-around spheres, to envelope the entire lash, and straight bristles, to define individual lashes. Its unique design means you can create volume on your outer lashes and get right into your inner corners to create the perfect C-curl. Additionally, carnauba and bee’s waxes and jojoba ester, make the mascara stretch to cover and set, creating a waterproof seal around the lashes.

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Diorshow Waterproof Mascara, £25.50

A favourite amongst many makeup professionals, this mascara is guaranteed to give you smudge-free makeup for endless hours. A blend of waxes and polymers has been combined with state-of-the-art Aquastop technology to deliver water-resistant support to the lashes, while smoothing and conditioning them. Its XXL brush slots into the lashes to provide full contact and works through the hairs to separate them and define each individual lash.

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Chanel Inimitable Waterproof, £26

A combination of beeswax and polymers, this Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara works to curl, lengthen and separate the lashes, all while providing sweat and water-resistant protection. Its bristles are equally distributed throughout the wand to ensure smooth and even application, delivering bigger and wider doe-like eyes right from the very roots of the lashes.

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Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara, £7.99

Known for their iconic mascaras, you can rely on Maybelline to deliver the goods with a product that’s inexpensive but doesn’t compromise on performance. Its special jet glide brush has evenly spaced bristles to deliver maximum volume and separation. Aided by a smoothing agent-enriched formula, the mascara transfers to the lashes evenly from root to tip for a wider and brighter look that’ll last from day to night. The cheapest on our list, nothing comes close to its high quality results and low price tag.

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