If these aren’t the softest brushes you’ve ever met, I’ll eat my hat

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Online searches for vegan brushes are soaring, and consumers actively seeking out synthetic makeup brushes over traditional natural animal hair models are increasing day by day. The reason for this is likely threefold: a commitment to cruelty-free living, a desire to avoid animal-derived products wherever possible, and lastly, a growing realisation that man-made fibre makeup brushes can be just as, if not more, precise, flawless on application and as soft to the touch as the animal hair alternative.

Which brings us to a very affordable soft synthetic set (I know this is the third time I’ve used 'soft' as a descriptor but...so soft) that you can snap up on Amazon for less than £2.50 a brush.

KISSBOBO’s seven-piece face collection  features a foundation brush, concealer brush, blusher brush, powder brush, eyeshadow brush, eyebrow brush (although I use it to smudge liner) and an eye ‘sweep’ brush that essentially buffs out your shadow so that you have a lovely blended edge rather than blocky colour.

You’ve got none of shedding issues that often accompany natural animal hair brushes (no one wants hairy face), and all of the brushes are incredibly quick and easy to clean, which is a boon from both a time and skin health point of view.

Each brush also dries promptly, retaining its shape and feel, and while the brush handles look so much like they mean business that they kind of remind me of ballpoint pens, they’re perfectly grippy and well-weighted. The powder brush, in particular, is a featherweight wonder, but the multi-purpose nature of many of the brushes means that they can turn their han(dles) to almost anything you want to achieve, whether your makeup is cream, liquid, solid or powder based. A niche find, but a good’un.

Buy the KISSBOBO makeup brush set here,  £16.99

This article was written in partnership with KISSBOBO

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