For an eye makeup makeover worthy of the bright lights of party season, the ‘Gold Standard’ has just been set by the new Sleek i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette

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In terms of providing pigment and versatility for a price that doesn’t break the bank, Sleek  is the high street brand that exceeds expectations with its product and shade range. Its latest launch - the 24k Gold Collection - doesn’t disappoint, with its aptly named ‘Gold Standard’ i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette being our choice as the standout product in the line.

With a range of 6 shades to choose from to suit a variety of different occasions and skin tones, the mixture of shimmering powders and creamy shadows make adding an extra dimension to your go-to eye makeup look of choice incredibly easy to do. Whether gilded, iridescently smokey  or full blown glitter is the finish you have your eye on, the choice of textures and formulas makes stepping outside your makeup comfort zone extremely simple to do.

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Its brush is small and compact - more ideal for top-ups on-the-go, with a larger more precision-specific roster of eyeshadow brushes perhaps proving a better choice for unleashing the palette’s full potential. However, once your tool of choice has been ID’d, the shadows prove easy to blend with a high end finish expected more of a palette with a higher price tag. Whether to add definition or subtle highlights to inner corners of the eye or emphasis along the lash line, this is one makeup buy that delivers eye-catching bang for your buck come Christmas, New Year or January pick-me-up.

The new Sleek Gold Standard i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette is £7.49 and is available  to buy online here .

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