In the first of a four part series, we look at how a busy makeup artist and mother manages a little daily decadence…

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In today’s fast paced, tech-heavy world it can be tricky to take a moment to yourself to relax, rejuvenate and simply revel in a little downtime. The British may work the longest hours in Europe, but our series focusing on four inspirational women in the fashion and beauty industries proves that devoting time to our physical and mental wellbeing is not discretionary; it’s essential. Pulling it off is, at times, an art, so who better to introduce our focus on treating yourself than sought-after makeup artist Arabella Preston ?

Get The Gloss: What do you do to start your day in a positive way?

Arabella Preston: When you have two small children bounding out of bed at you full of the joys of life it's very hard not to start in a positive way. There's lots of noise and giggles at 7am, fairly quickly replaced by suppressed yelling when we realise we're running late. I always eat breakfast, however, as I simply can't function without it - usually something protein-filled and a quick black coffee.

GTG: What are your morning beauty rituals?

AP: Normally very rushed! I'm usually too busy packing my kit for a job or making the kids' packed lunches to think too much about what I'm doing. But I always make time for a hot flannel cleanse, a quick tweeze and then my favourite face oil. If I'm working then its usually popping a bit of make-up on in the back of a cab which always brings a smile to my face half an hour later when I begin the process of painstakingly applying a client's make-up.

GTG: What are the three most important things you do for yourself during the day?

AP: Making sure to eat regularly. If I'm on a job where I know I might not get a proper lunch then I pack fresh fruit, nuts and water in my bag. Secondly, a bit of social media 'me' time. I love Instagram! It's inspiring and informative for work and, now that I have persuaded all my family to join, a brilliant way of staying in touch. Lastly applying a bit of foundation and blusher. If all else fails this is my bare minimum to feel groomed.

GTG: What do you do to turn a bad day good?

AP: I usually call my husband to let off steam and allow him to talk me down. It's incredible to have someone so resolutely on my side that he's often more outraged than I am.

GTG: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

AP: Oh lots, of course. But I am very good at not feeling guilty about them. Mainly and in no particular order, they are, posh crisps, tempura sushi rolls, 'window shopping' for anything and everything on the internet (it drives my husband insane when he has to remove 30 items from our shared Amazon basket), One Born Every Minute on tv and introducing the kids to the movies I loved as a child.

GTG: How do you approach fresh starts? Do you do anything to detox or declutter?

AP: I'm not a naturally tidy person so I find it easier to take on small projects. I tend to focus on one thing that's bothering me and take that on. I then find that that leads to me organising more than I originally intended but without having felt overwhelmed at the beginning.

GTG: What do you do to unwind and de-stress? How do you switch off from 'work mode'?

AP: A cuddle from my kids plus a boiling hot bath once they're in bed and quiet. But to be perfectly honest, when you're a freelancer you never quite leave it behind and if I can I'd much rather answer my emails at 11pm than wait until the next day. It's personal, but I sleep better that way.

GTG: What is your favourite indulgence?

AP: Having someone else blow-dry my hair for me. This is a rare occurrence, but one that makes me so pathetically happy I can never believe I don't do it more often.

GTG: What are your night time beauty rituals?

AP: I like to take my makeup off early in the evening and often try new products at this time. So it might be a new serum, or a mask...whatever it is I find this gives me time to formulate my thoughts and give my skin time to respond. I get sent so many lovely new things that I have to be organised. At the moment I've been using  Estée Lauder Global Anti-Aging Mask  and it's given my stressed-out post-Christmas skin a real boost. I slather it on in the early evening, then do my usual cleansing routine a few hours later at bedtime. It's an instant skin softener and illuminator. Just before bed I use a lavender pillow spray and calming oil on my hands and face, then just pop some shea butter on my lips.

This feature was written in partnership with Estée Lauder

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