Forget Game of Thrones and Homeland, these are the box sets that deliver

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With the constant onslaught of weekly stresses, things can easily slip through the net - the food shop, replenishing bathroom supplies, self-care...there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. However, thanks to the growing number of subscription services out there, you’re now able to delegate more and more of these tasks out.

Whether you’re looking for a helping hand with dinner, a way to save money or a fitness fix, there’s something for every beauty , work  and wellness  need. Here’s our pick of the best for helping you get through the working week.

For period panic - Pink Parcel

There’s nothing worse than starting your period and finding that you’ve run out of the essentials. But with this box always coming through your letterbox, that won’t happen again. Saving you a manic midnight dash to the chemist, it comes fully stocked with pads and/or tampons, as well as other goodies to make the week a lot less painful like beauty products, Artisan chocolate and herbal tea. Boxes are worth over £40, but cost only £13 per month when you subscribe. It’s no surprise that it’s the UK’s number one period subscription box.

£12.99 per month. Subscribe here .

For a hygienic shave - ffs

Razors are possibly the most neglected item in our bathrooms yet using the same one for weeks on end can leave you more susceptible to both cuts and infections. Cue this subscription service to keep your shaving experiences ticking along as smoothly as possible. Its Rose model is a personal favourite of mine - a metal razor with a lubricating vitamin E strip and 6 stainless steel blades that make light work of stubborn stubble. You can also customise your subscription to include extras like shaving cream and post-shave gel, plus, it comes with the option to get the handle engraved too.

From £9 a month. Subscribe here .

For protection - Hanx

This discreet service provides a helping hand for ensuring your sexual health doesn’t take a backseat to a stressful week by delivering packs of one or three condoms straight to your front door every 30 days. You’ll also enjoy 15 per cent off the usual price too by subscribing.

£5.10 per month. Subscribe here .

For a beauty fix - Beauty Pie

This innovative service allows you to get your beauty fix each month without breaking the bank by sourcing luxury makeup and skincare direct from labs and cutting the middlemen out. Simply pay £10 a month and you’ll be given a spending limit which gives you the opportunity to get your hands on something like a high quality £20 lipstick for just £3.17. It leaves your basket refreshingly markup-free.

£10 per month. Subscribe here .

For motivation-ery - Papergang

If you’re a stationery addict, this subscription box will speak to you. Filled with everything from notepads to pens and decorative accessories from a different artist each month, it’ll actually make you look forward to sitting at your desk in the mornings.

£10.95 a month. Subscribe here .

For dinner - Hellofresh Classic Box

Too tired to be experimental with your meals during the week? I know the feeling well. However this recipe box contains ample food for thought for keeping creative juices flowing in the midst of a hard week. With recipes to please meat and veggie-lovers, couples and families, and fresh ingredients in exact portions to minimise waste, it makes cooking at the end of a long day more of a joy than a chore.

Try a Trial Classic Box, from £42 (for two people and three meals) here .

For fragrance inspo - Sniph

If you’re looking to mix up your signature fragrance, this one’s for you. Allowing you to discover new scents without the commitment, simply choose one of their six collections and receive a 30-day supply of a brand name perfume through your letterbox each month.

£15.99 per month. Subscribe here .

For your contacts - Hubble

This handy service provides a convenient way to keep a steady stream of fresh contact lenses coming your way. Although a little thinner than your usual pair, they’re more affordable than many of their counterparts (coming in at less than a pound a day) plus, with your first shipment, you’ll get 15 pairs of lenses for free. All you have to do is cover the monthly £3 for postage and packing.*

Get your first box of Hubble contacts for free here. Monthly subscriptions thereafter cost £24/month .

For a fitness fix - Fitty London

If you’re always on the hunt for health and fitness inspo, this is the perfect box for you. Jam-packed with nutritional foods, snacks and training products to help fuel your workouts and boost motivation levels, it acts as the ideal gym buddy.

£29 per month. Subscribe here .

For flowers - Bloom & Wild

If you love flowers but never have the time to replenish your supplies, this plant-based subscription could be just what you’ve been looking for. It’ll easily be the prettiest thing to ever come through your letterbox.

Three months of flowers, £80. Subscribe here .

For healthy snacks - Lifebox

Think of this pick as a health boost in a box. Filled with energy, immunity and sleep pick-me-ups, it’ll help restore some calm into the most stressful of days.

From £22.95 per month. Subscribe here .

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*Ensure you see your optician regularly for eye health check-ups and to ensure you’re wearing the right contact lenses for your particular needs.