Does a discontinued product haunt you? Pining for a lotion you once loved? You’re not the only one. Here are the former beauty flames we’d settle back in with…

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Whether it’s a teenage fling or a more serious “thing”, most of us have had at least one or two memorable dalliances with products that made a mark on our lives. Not to get too emo about it, but on reflection, we miss these guys. Whether we’re still holding them close or willing the universe to bring them back to us, here are the beauty infatuations old and new that make our hearts beat faster.

Susannah Taylor, Editor-in-Chief

Charlotte Tilbury  Limited Edition Norman Parkinson ‘The Colour of Youth’

“One of my favourite makeup items of all time is from a limited edition collection that Charlotte Tilbury did in collaboration with Norman Parkinson, the photographer, a few summers ago.The product was called The Colour of Youth, which they described as ‘healthy, happy lip and cheek glow’. I have it in my drawer and bring it out whenever I go on holiday. It’s an absolute favourite because it’s a beautiful vibrant coral shade, and does indeed impart a beautiful warm glow to cheeks and lips. What’s more it comes in the most incredible aqua-hued compact with an image of a model in a retro swimming costume and hat sat against a palm tree backdrop. I beg of you Charlotte Tilbury to please bring it back as when it runs out- my summers won’t be the same without it!”

Anna Hunter, Senior Features Writer

Bioré Pore Strips , £8.39 for 6

“Along with Dream Phone, dance mats and and getting giddy on Sodastream concoctions, pore strips take me RIGHT back to 90s sleepovers. The nostalgic satisfaction of ripping off a face mask ‘band aid’ to reveal grimy pore gore occurred to me last week over breakfast (delicious), and I got hold of some to relive my minor teenage crush. I now know that they’re not exactly the TLC option where pore de-clogging is concerned, given the ripping action and menthol content, but boy do you see immediate results post-use- disgusting, yes, but you can’t negate the evidence that you got some black goo out of your schnozz. I was not a teen of refined tastes. Not to be recommended to the sensitive of skin, and start with a clean face of course, but a trip down memory lane once in a while surely can’t hurt?! Seeing the London commute peeled out of my pores is mentally therapeutic, at least. Bioré, you’re the skincare equivalent of a bad boy I just can’t help but go back to.”

Victoria Woodhall, Deputy Editor

Bioffect EGF Cellular Activating Serum , £125

“This Icelandic serum based on Nobel Prize-winning science, is one ex I would like to get back with as during our six-month long relationship back in 2013, my skin had never looked better – hydrated, plump and glowy to the point where people commented.”

“We broke up over money - one bottle costs £125 and I simply didn’t have the cash to keep up the relationship, although I’m now wondering how wise that was as nothing else since has worked as well. It totally deserves its cult status as a powerful anti-ager. The serum contains EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor - which triggers cell renewal and initiates the production of collagen and elastin. During my time with Bioeffect, I was utterly faithful - I used no other serum or moisturiser and needed only a couple of drops day and night. The bottle lasted three months. Since we parted, I have stared wistfully at its image every time I have flown BA and seen it in the duty free pages. Writing this has made me realise what I’m missing, but clearly I’m not the only one. When I tried buy some just now it was sold out in several places. But I managed to find some in Boots and the thought of some hefty Boots points makes the grovelling back a little sweeter.”

Judy Johnson, Digital Editor

Clinique Smart Custom Serum , £49 for 30ml

“Confession: I have recently got back with an ex, and it’s working out so well that I am questioning why I ever gave up on us so quickly. This ex is smooth and smart, understanding and gentle; most of all, though, this ex is trustworthy. Clinique’s Smart Custom Serum stole my heart back in 2014, with its genius technology that somehow works out your skin’s needs and gets right to work on fixing those niggles, from uneven tone to fine lines, dullness to blemishes. Who doesn’t want a problem solver on their side? As with many of these beauty bygones, the reason I broke up with my then newfound love was down to money - at £49 for just a 30ml serving it’s pushing my budget way higher than I’m comfortable with, and I think my eyes wandered to other options instead - but oh, does it work. After beginning to use it again in early January I had compliments within days on how bright and perky my sensitive skin was looking, and best of all it *felt* better - clearer, smoother and far less dry despite the winter chill. I’m now well and truly under the thumb and worrying daily that the next pump will be the last, using it as sparingly as possible while wishing I could simply bathe in it. It’s true love - I just need to decide whether I can afford this rather high maintenance relationship or else face heartbreak all over again…”

Sarah McGinnis, Art Editor

Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm , £48

“I used to be obsessed with the skincare brand Omorovicza, so much so that everyone in the office would marry me off with the brand and I'd save up and purchase all the latest launches, whether I could afford it or not. I don't know why I stopped using it, too much of a good thing and I got bored, or maybe I just spent too much money!? The hero product that I'd definitely like to get back with is the Thermal Cleansing Balm, mainly because it was one of those products that did its job and did it bloody well.”

“It's rich in Hungarian Moor Mud that helps to both detoxify and purify the skin, it gently removes the day’s grime and always left my skin feeling deeply cleansed, nourished and a whole lot more radiant. I'm not sure why I left our relationship so suddenly and I really need to get it back on track.”

Alecka Micklewright, Commercial Director

Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne , £86 (100ml)

“So you think you’re too good for me now? With your fancy Portrait of a Lady perfume by Frederic Malle...” said my Jo Malone perfume as it was further shoved to the back of the cupboard, spritzing days over, finito. How did that happen? Well, Frederic Malle came into my life and it seemed as though no other fragrance had ever existed, much like an age old love affair. But what went wrong? I even had a neat little travel size to carry around for emergencies and holidays, so it really was by my side quite literally everywhere I went. I loved this fragrance but then my head was turned by something new and exotic with its ‘oriental rose and symphonic baroqueness’. The truth is that there was really nothing not to like about the Lime Basil cologne. It is at once fresh, earthy and warm and it’s basenotes open up beautifully as the day wears on. It really was my pal, my sidekick and it’s time we gave it another go (if it will take me back).”

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