You’ll never waste cash on eyeshadow you don’t need again. Here’s our edit of ‘pick your own’ palettes….

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If you want something done well, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself. Applying this notion to eyeshadow palettes means that, essentially, you get all of the smoke, metallics and matte neutrals you could dream of, without the lurid lime shimmer you wouldn’t normally touch with a barge pole, let alone a makeup brush. Also, refillable makeup is the eco-friendly choice. Craft your perfect palette with this lot.

The party one

Tarte's Gift & Glam Palette, £70

If you love the variety of loads of different eyeshadow shades, but carting around a heavy palette just doesn't sit well with you, we'd like to point you in the direction of Tarte's Gift & Glam Palette . It contains one empty case and four interchangeable magnetic palettes than can be slotted inside, allowing you to take out whichever one you fancy depending on the day.

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The vegan one

Tropic Skincare Colour Palette, around £68 for full palette

With this customisable palette you truly have everything you could ever need in your beauty arsenal - first, pick the palette, trays and product pans, then choose what to fill it with, from eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrow products, blusher, concealer, counter, highlighter and setting powder. The brand is also 100 per cent cruelty-free, natural derived and vegan.

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The arty one

Beautonomy Create Your Own Palette, from £14.99

This is as bespoke as beauty gets and basically turns your PYO shadow adventure into Art Attack. You can customise everything from the design of the lid to the base to the text on the packaging, and shadow wise you’ve got over 40 to play with. From monogrammed gifts to mixing up your usual staple shadows and ensuring that no one steals your palette at the gym, each palette is quite literally whatever you want it to be.

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The J Lo one

Jennifer Lopez x Inglot Freedom System Palette, £8 (individual shadows from £7.50)

J Lo apparently keeps three eyeshadows and a HD finishing powder in here, which seems like sorcery given the neat size, but we assure you it’s possible. The base of each pan is magnetic to prevent floating eyeshadows and building your shade range from the Jennifer Lopez edit will supply you with all of the creams, chocolates and caramels you could dream of.

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The backstage one

MAC Custom Eye Palette, from £25

Go pro with a classic MAC custom palette- you can build up to 30 pans if you’re feeling intrepid, or just two for your most used shades to cut out the fluff and streamline your makeup bag. Whichever way you go, the pick and mix colour, finish and texture opportunities are second to none.

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The sturdy travel one

Urban Decay Nirvana Build Your Own Palette, £10

If you’re an Urban Decay shadow devotee but find carting around an entire tin a bit much, this four pan palette allows you to drop in and take out individual eyeshadows you know you’ll need and leave behind those that won’t serve you. There are a whopping 92 shadows in total to deliberate over, so you may be switching them on the daily, but it’s all part of the fun.

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The budget one

NYX Custom Pro Palette, from £5 (individual shadows from £2.50)

With a simple paintbox design and pop-in shadows that won’t make a dent in your pocket money, this refill palette provides a home for your choice of 88 “hot singles”.

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