In need of some Halloween inspiration? Get some tips from these 5 amazing Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube...

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As Halloween creeps around the corner, it seems that many of us are turning to one place for costume inspiration: YouTube.

The video-sharing website’s parent company, Google, is set to release data that shows the haunted holiday season is one of the best times for beauty vloggers to garner more views.

Lisa Green, head of industry, luxury and apparel at Google, notes that YouTube sensation Michelle Phan is one vlogger who is taking advantage of the “seasonality of her content”.

Michelle, who is known for her elaborate beauty tutorials, has broken YouTube records with her flamboyant and professional Halloween-inspired videos.

Her Barbie Transformation Tutorial has gathered more than 56 million views, making it the most-watched makeup tutorial on YouTube.

Michelle has also secured the second and third position with her Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look, which has gathered over 47,500,000 views, and her Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial, which has collected over 34,000,000 views.

And despite being published 5 years ago, their numbers continue to climb.

Lisa says, “She has all these Halloween videos up that aren’t even new. She is resurfacing content because she knows what people are looking for.”

Between 2012 and 2013, statistics revealed that views of Halloween makeup content increased by four times as much. Additionally, 57% of seasonal makeup views since August has come solely from Halloween videos.

So to save you the trouble of trawling through endless endless tutorials, we searched high and low through YouTube to pull out the top 5 spooktacular Halloween tutorials to help solve your costume dilemmas…

Lisa Eldridge: Marilyn Monroe – Iconic Makeup Look

If you’re looking to go down a more glamorous route this Halloween, feast your eyes on this incredibly detailed Marilyn Monroe tutorial by makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. In this tutorial, not only does Lisa clearly guide you through each process of the makeup routine, she also explains the tricks that Marilyn’s makeup artist used and why. Effective and educational.

Dope2111: Disney’s Maleficent Makeup Tutorial

Tamang Phan’s YouTube channel, dope2111, is one of the few places you ever need to go for celebrity and character transformations. Often referred to as the Human Chameleon or Mystique, Tamang uses this video to make her face resemble Maleficent.

Carili Bybel: Sexy Vampire Makeup Tutorial

This year, go for the safe option and dress up as a vampire. In this tutorial, Carli talks you through achieving deep red lined eyes, rotted yellow under eyes (complete with veins) and signature blood-red lipstick.

Michelle Phan: Breakfast at Zombie’s

Despite only being posted a week ago, Michelle’s Breakfast at Zombie’s tutorial has already been viewed over 1 million times. This 6-minute video clearly takes you through creating this zombie version of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s step-by-step. Michelle has also created a separate tutorial, in which she explains how to achieve the Audrey Hepburn look that the video begins with.

Pixiwoo: Halloween Corpse Bride Makeup Tutorial

This Corpse Bride makeup tutorial by Nic Chapman, one half of beauty duo Pixiwoo, is perfect if you’re prepared to go all out. Complete with blue decayed skin, large eyes and doll-like lashes, Nic even finishes the look with a dirty veil.