Because dodgy lighting shouldn't put a dampener on your handiwork. Here are the light up vanity mirrors we really rate

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Makeup mirrors have had a futuristic upgrade as of late. Long gone are the days of making do with the dreariest of low wattage bathroom bulbs - today’s mirrors boast a range of impressive extras to illuminate our handiwork and show it off in the most flattering of lights.

From mirrors with 20 plus LEDs to ones that actually preempt your next makeup move (very I, Robot), there’s something for every budget to give your makeup game a helping hand whether you're in a hotel room, bar or public loo. Here are our favourites.

Riki Loves Riki Skinny Vanity Mirror, £155

Oprah named this in her favourite things in 2019, so you just know it's going to be good! It has a five-stage dimming feature with professional-grade LED lights allowing you to see your handiwork in all its glory, with a 3X magnifying mirror. It also has a magnetic clip for you to attach your phone to for the ultimate in selfie-taking. Around the size of an iPad, it has a USB charger so is great for taking away with you (if you're off anywhere!).

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Simplehuman Sensor Compact Mirror, £99.99

No window? No problem. This game-changing gadget's built-in sensor light uses some mightily impressive tech to provide a glow that's as close to natural sunlight as you can get.

It comes with a bevy of impressive features - two different brightness settings, a fold-out ring handle that allows it to slot comfortably on your finger or for use as a stand, and an attached button strap that keeps it secure in its pouch. It's available in three colours (brushed, rose gold and black) and is rechargeable via USB, with one full charge offering up to a week's worth of use. It'll make you see makeup touch-ups on-the-go in a whole new light.

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No7 Illuminating Mirror, £49.99

This double-sided light-up plug-in mirror from No7 is a favourite in the office thanks to its dimmer switch and multi-angle swivel action that makes achieving optimum positioning a cinch. With normal and 5x magnification sides to flick between, it ensures perfect application of whatever you're putting on.

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Weily Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror, £19.99

With 1x, 2x and 3x magnifying mirrors, 180-degree rotation, a collapsible frame and USB/battery operated power supply, this multifaceted pick provides great versatility. With touchscreen control to dim or brighten its LED strip lighting system and an on-trend rose gold design, it’s received rave reviews on Amazon. It even has a little storage area in its base.

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror, £148.99

An extremely clever piece of makeup tech, this cordless mirror automatically lights up as you approach it. There’s something rather sentient about it. Designed to simulate natural sunlight, its long-lasting LEDs provide welcome illumination on dark winter mornings and its 5x magnification comes in especially handy for mastering more detailed work and for plucking away stray brow hairs.

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Fit Nation 21 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror, £14.99

This illuminating battery-powered pick carries a four and a half star rating on Amazon - and it’s easy to see why. It makes the pitfalls of dodgy lighting a thing of the past thanks to its 21 bright and adjustable LEDs. Simply place your finger on its touch-sensitive button to create your ideal backdrop and use its 180 swivel rotation to adjust it to your perfect angle.

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