Clarins' Instant Concealer does what all concealers have tried to do before it

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Since the day that 10 o'clock bedtimes became a thing of the past and late nights became a regularity, I have been on the hunt for the miraculous concealer that would hide away those inevitable, apparently permanent dark circles. Some have succeeded in hiding away the evidence temporarily only to fade; others have left a pink sheen that implies a night of crying and others still have left a cakey, tell-tale patch of product that fools no one.

As summertime arrives, days are longer and less time is spent catching beauty sleep, I'm glad to say my hunting days are over, however, with the introduction of Clarins' Instant Concealer. It's on the spendy side, but the size of the tube could almost be mistaken for a foundation and frankly, it's worth every penny.

It brightens, conceals, and awakens the eyes with just a gentle tap; the smooth texture airbrushes away imperfections and darkness to leave behind radiant skin that expertly denies any lack of sleep. It even works on blemishes and the odd patch of redness; with it, foundation is less necessary and without it, the head tilts and 'You look under the weather' comments come flooding in. It's the elusive look of being well rested in a bottle.

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