A world renowned mascara has been tinkered with. As makeup risks go, this one is major…

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There’s only one thing scarier in beauty land than your favourite product being discontinued, and that’s a crucial cosmetic changing formulation. More often than not an already much-loved classic becomes even better (we’re looking at you Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair II), but occasionally things go pear shaped or colours are altered and throw you off. Happily, none of this applies to the reformulated, famously spiky brushed Givenchy Phenomen’eyes , £23.50.

The applicator may look like a tiny, hairy grenade, but it’s ability to reach and extend even the tiniest, most awkward of lashes has been much lauded for over ten years (the brush is patented). The formula has always been pleasingly smooth and creamy, but the inclusion of a four-wax blend and elastic, lash-adhering polymers make it all the more luscious. Coating the mascara’s pigment with an amino acid derivative has also extended it’s wear, not to mention made the colour extra inky. I particularly love using it to create Twiggy-esque bottom lashes- it may be a futuristic redevelopment but Phenomen’eyes can take you straight to the sixties.

Givenchy Phenomen’eyes , £23.50