From intermittent resting to genderless sex toys, these are the trends we’re predicting will rule the new decade

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It was a wild ride of a year in 2019 for the beauty and wellness industries; Glossier finally came to London , Milk Makeup launched over here  and brows became a whole lot bushier,  so we can't help but wonder what 2020 has in store for us.

We look ahead to the next 12 months and predict the biggest trends in fitness, wellness and beauty will be as we enter a new decade.

Fitness Trends for 2020

Intuitive exercise

We first encountered Tally Rye as a spin instructor at Digme  in London and were immediately enamoured with her upbeat approach to exercise. Little did we know, there's a whole movement behind the way she teaches her classes called intuitive exercise. The idea is that your body tells you how, when and how often to exercise, rather than feeling you should or have to work out.

A lifetime of being told that exercise is about external transformation rather than listening to how we feel on the inside, can be difficult to break away from, but intuitive exercise is about doing the exercise your body is telling you it needs - depending on your energy levels, the time of day etc - and ignoring prescriptive messages telling you how often you need to work out.

Tally's book Train Happy - An Intuitive Exercise Guide for Every Body  comes out on 9 January and is available for pre-order - we can't wait to get our hands on it.

Punch trackers

We can’t remember a time before everyone in the gym was wearing a fitness tracker, but they’re about to become a lot more sport-specific specific in 2020.

We love boxing-based gym classes and so 'punch trackers' (such as  Corner Boxing Trackers £89.99)  particularly piqued our interest. “Punch trackers sit under your wraps and are designed to monitor punch power and speed,” says Darren Barker, co-founder of boutique boxing gym TwelveThree . “The tracker not only allows you to track and measure your progression over time but also to compare your speed, punch count and intensity to other users.”

“In trials, we have seen members achieve a 21 per cent increase in workout intensity, a six per cent faster punch rate and a 33 per cent stronger jab when wearing a tracker compared with boxing without.”

Assisted stretching

We know it’s something everyone does, either first thing in the morning when you hop out of bed or maybe after a strenuous spin class, but stretching is set to be added to your fitness menu with the launch of the UK's first 'assisted stretching' studio. You can book in with a 'strechologist' who will pull you this way and that to help you recover from your workout - or just from sitting at a desk too long.

“We see more and more regular people training like athletes, but not taking the time to properly recover as athletes do," says Kunal Kapoor, founder of StretchLAB  studio in central London. "Not only this - with our modern lifestyle of high stress and long hours spent sitting, damage is also being caused that we don’t even realise.” 

One-to-one sessions of 25-50 minutes cost £1 per minute.

Mindful running

Running has long been cited as a time to clear your head as you pound the pavements, but classes  to help you do so are a relatively new concept. Mindful running encourages you to pay attention to your training and learn to be focused on the present.

Functional training studio  Sweat-It  in London has launched Pace, a 50-minute treadmill class aimed at getting people to embrace mindful running. “We want people to be able to channel all of their energy and thoughts into their training and truly immerse themselves in this experience, rather than worrying about whether they have completed what has been left at their desk,” says Melissa Weldon, Head Trainer.

The session’s playlist, we hear, is curated in a similar nature to spin; so, each track matches the intensity of the phase and you can just switch off and roll with it. You can expect a big endorphin high after.

Wellness trends for 2020

Chicory Root

There was a 91 per cent increase in Pinterest searches for the benefits of chicory root  in 2019. It's Yes, it might look like bark chips but thanks to its ability to combat fatigue and tiredness, people have been switching their coffee for this.

“Chicory root is a great source of inulin, a fibre that has prebiotic actions and has been linked to increased weight loss and improved gut health,” says founder of GP Nutrition  Gabriela Peacock. “It’s a source of manganese and vitamin B6 which support a healthy metabolism and normal cognitive function as well as folate (vitamin B9) which supports the immune system and combats tiredness and fatigue).”

Use it to make coffee or incorporate it into baking to get your chicory fix.

Intermittent resting

We’re au fait with intermittent fasting, but new on our radar is intermittent resting. According to therapist and psychobiologist Dr Ernest Rossi, our body works on ultradian rhythms (the daytime version of circadian rhythms), which is a 90 to 120-minute cycle, after which you’ll feel a natural dip in energy. Intermittent resting encourages us to take a 15-minute break at the end of each cycle, to allow the mind and body to recalibrate.

"The 15 to 20-minute rest is when the body's housekeeping happens and gives a much-needed break from the mind-body processes that deal with being alert," says Nahid de Belgeonne of The Human Method,  who preaches the benefits in her classes and on her retreats.

Sea moss

Sea moss (or Irish moss) is another wellness trend that has seen a surge in popularity; searches for it on Pinterest were up 380 per cent in 2019.

You can add it to your smoothies or even to your baking, or apply topically to ease skin conditions. There are claims it can soothe sunburn, ease hangovers and rejuvenate joints. “Sea moss is packed full of nutrients such as iodine  and selenium that support thyroid function, magnesium and potassium that help maintain a healthy metabolism, reduce tiredness and fatigue, AND support the nervous system,” says Gabriela Peacock. “In the short term, these vital nutrients help to balance electrolyte levels, which are key for curing the dehydration aspect of your hangover.”

Genderless sex toys

It’s au revoir to Rabbits and so long to strap-ons, as sex toys are set to become gender-neutral, "neither created for the woman with a vulva nor the man with a penis,” says sex toy brand We-Vibe . “Genderless toys stimulate different areas of the body and make it possible that one does not have to identify with any gender.”

Cucumber juice

Much of our cucumber consumption comes in the form of Pimms-drenched slices at the bottom of our glass in summer, but 2020 is the time to sit up and take notice of the refreshing green fruit - searches for cucumber juice are up 99 per cent. “Cucumber is packed full of potassium and vitamin C which is great for supporting your immune system and promoting healthy skin,” says Gabriela. The fact that cucumber juice is are extremely low calorie (15 calories per 100g according to FitBit) may add to its appeal.

Mindful art

If you've struggled with meditation, mindful art could be for you; it embraces painting as an alternative form of meditation, using the transformative powers of creativity to revitalise and boost mental wellness.

Newly-opened art studio MasterPeace  in London offers art sessions between 30 and 90 minutes, allowing people of all skill levels to get stuck into painting, leaving the session with a work of art and a renewed sense of calm.


When it comes to diets, it can feel like you’ve tried it all – from the dopamine diet  to the anti-anxiety diet , but 2020 is all about the no-diet diet, or the anti-diet, with a whole raft of books on the subject coming our way. Christy Harrison’s  Anti Diet  takes on diet culture, aiming to show readers that letting go of their efforts to lose weight and embracing intuitive eating  will improve their health, while behavioural change specialist Shahroo Izadi’s  The Last Diet  helps readers identify where their unhealthy habits come from and how to change them and thus losing weight for good.

There's also a lot of buzz surrounding exercise guru James Smith's book Not a Diet Book , which lands on 23 January and debunks myths surrounding fads included intermittent fasting, low carb and keto diets and clean eating.

Conscious V-care

Last year was the year of V-care  and this shows no sign of slowing down in 2020 with sanitary products taking a conscious turn. More than 50 per cent of women experience irritation when using pads and liners. Synthetic pads and liners contain chemicals such as chlorine and plastic-based fibres that can cause discomfort.  Sanature  launched 100 per cent cotton, 100 per cent natural sanitary products to combat this.

We're also expecting to hear a lot more from climate-positive period brand Dame , with its reusable tampon applicators. Billions of plastic applicators are thrown away each year and cannot be recycled and - along with cotton buds and wet wipes - make up a huge chunk of ocean plastic. If you like an applicator, a reusable one makes all the sense in the world.

Cosmetic surgery trends for 2020

Lip lifts

We're officially done with over-filled duckface pouts. Now there's a one-off treatment that doesn't involve fillers and that's gaining ground for its more natural-looking results. The lip lift is a speedy surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. It works by removing a bit of skin from under the nose, thereby shortening the distance between the nose and the lip - reversing the lengthening that occurs with age (and that looks ageing) as skin loses elasticity.

“The Lip Lift technique has similar benefits to hyaluronic acid-based lip filler, delivering the same volume without the need for return visits to refill every few months,” says Mr Alex Karidis of the Karidis Clinic . “The scar is hidden right underneath the nose, in a squiggly line almost shaped like a bullhorn, but it’s hidden in the shadow underneath your nose. This gives a more natural lift to the upper lip without over filing.” Stitches are removed five days later.

The T-lift

This single-stitch facelift-alternative is done under local anaesthetic and is said to make a noticeable difference, with minimal downtime. The surgeon makes one incision point above the temples, one stitch that pulls back the skin. It is all performed under local anaesthetic and most people can return to work the next day. “This is fast becoming one of our most popular treatments and we expect this to continue into 2020,” says Mr Davood Fallahdar, who performs the treatment at The Private Clinic  on Harley Street.


We've been doing HIIT  in the gym for years, but did you know your cells could benefit too? Eudelo's  Cell HIIT treatment regenerates the cells' mitochondria - their power packs - for deep anti-ageing benefits.

IHHT (intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment) has been likened to 'altitude training' for your cells, by switching between an oxygen-rich to an oxygen-poor environment. It's said to increase your protection against oxidative stress and strengthen the immune system. too. We agree, it all sounds rather complicated, but the end result is healthy skin that glows from within - and you can't argue with that! With 12 sessions costing £5495, you could just opt for a trip to the Himalayas, however!

Beauty trends for 2020

Cream skin

Glass skin  has lost its lustre, with the Korean trend for cream skin stealing the spotlight. Cream skin, on the other hand, is still dewy, but without the gleam we’ve become accustomed to. Rather than involving a plethora of skincare steps, it’s achieved with just one a featherweight lotion.

Choose from Laneige’s Cream Skin Refiner , £22.76, Lixir Skin’s Universal Emulsion , £29, and Decleor’s Hydra Floral White Petal Skin Protecting Hydrating Milky Lotion , £35, to create the lusted-after look.

Kylie Cosmetics in the UK

We don’t mean to get everyone’s hopes up, but Coty’s recent investment in Kylie Cosmetics  could mean the billion-dollar company will finally become available on UK shores. “Expect Coty to assist in the global expansion of Kylie Cosmetics.,” says Mintel Global’s beauty and personal care analyst Lauren Goodsitt. “Coty has access to retailers around the world and will certainly be able to help grow the brand.” The saving we’ll make on customs fees will be worth it alone!

Mycelium eco-packaging

We predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of mycelium packaging in 2020 as the beauty industry step us to tackle waste. It's not exactly pretty, but eco-beauty brands including Haeckels  and Wildsmith  are shunning shiny white gift boxes in favour of this 100 per cent recyclable material that looks like a breeze block (despite being lightweight) and yet made from the root system of mushrooms.

“Haeckels’ mycelium is wrapped in seed paper which contains wildflower seeds,” says Laura Wythe of Haeckels. “When it biodegrades it brings new life in the form of wildflowers. We have coined the term ‘biocontributing’ for this new packaging concept as it really does go beyond being sustainable and positively contributes to the biosphere.”

What's more it's packaging that can be packaging can be grown in the shape you want it. "It's an organic material which is grown around a mould to form a custom-sized, secure structure which replaces less environmentally friendly packaging options,” adds Wildsmith.

And it Hoovers up waste. “To make the product stronger, locally-sourced agricultural waste such as corn husks and barley husks are cleaned, ground up and added to the mycelium which acts as ‘nature’s glue’, binding the mixture together. The final packaging quite literally grows around its mould in a matter of days and when it reaches the desired shape, it is removed from the mould and heated to prevent any further growth.”