The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick has had a summertime update - find out why we've given it a glowing report

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As well as the beach based breaks and the feeling of warm sun on our skin, arguably the best thing about summer is the way it makes us look - that subtle, almost indescribable perk-me-up that a two week stint in Tuscany delivers. However, it seems we no longer have to wait for those painfully short two weeks a year to get our hit of holiday glow - and it’s all thanks to the new Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick.

Already one of our bonafide staple beauty products, over the years Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks have come in many different incarnations - with glowing luminosity being the common aim of the game. However, the most recent evolution may have just eclipsed all the others by combining the powers of a bronzer, blusher and highlighter to deliver the ultimate compact hybrid.

Brighter in colour and lighter in shimmer than those previous, these pretty patchworks come in six different colour variations ranging from pastel peaches and cranberry hues to suit a wide variety of skin tones and shades.

Each compact contains six individual squares of warm bronzing tones, soft feminine flushes and gorgeously glowing shimmers that work to create the tones that summer sun-kissed skin are made of. Simple apply on cheeks and dabble around other areas of the face to create the perfect lit-from-within-glow

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