Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes eyeshadow palette has all the glittery goodness you need at this time of year

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Christmas parties might not be quite the same in 2020 but that’s not to say your makeup can’t be the glitter-fest that December normally calls for. In fact, after the year we’ve had, it seems only right to go all out in the sparkle stakes with glistening eyelids galore.

For the glitziest month of the year, we can think of no better palette than  Urban Decay's Stoned Vibes . The precious stone inspired palette houses 12 all-new crystal infused shades; eight shimmers and four mattes to work your makeup magic with. Even the case is a beauty to behold with a 3D crystal embellishment rising from the lid.

The shades are made from Urban Decay’s first-ever marbleised hybrid formula, meaning they give the most gorgeous shimmer pay off with bundles of tightly packed pigment in those little trays. Plus the ultra-soft powder means they’re easy to apply with your fingertips for ultra-fast application if you’re running late to the (Zoom) party. Thanks to their creamy, velvet texture the prismatic colours stay put, not leaving the glittery fallout under your eyes often found with glitter eyeshadows.

The prismatic shimmers include electric blue Ojo, magical pearly colour-shifter Opal Aura, seductive green Jade, rose gold Meditate, pure punchy gold Tiger’s Eye, Barbie pink Raw Energy, a more subtle pink in Vibes and red and gold-flecked Bloodstone. The four mattes include nude Good Karma, red-tinted Hexed, peach Antidote and burgundy Third Eye.

For positive vibes and shimmering eyes, this is the palette to add to your beauty stash this Christmas.

Written in partnership with Urban Decay