Tiffany Salmon founded skincare and wellness brands Glow Hub, Scientia, Soak Sunday and Tiffy and Tallulah, but what does she use on her own skin? She shares her beauty must-haves

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If you're a skincare and beauty obsessive, chances are you'll have some of Tiffany Salmon's products on your shelves and in your drawers. Tiffany, 33, is the founder of two skincare brands – Gen-Z range Glow Hub  and  Scientia  a high-performing science-meets-nature brand.

On the self-care side of things, Tiffany also founded sustainable and vegan bath care collection Soak Sunday , and Tiffy and Tallulah , a collection of 'mummy and me' offerings including manicure sets, pyjamas and sleep masks for mothers and their little daughters, named after Tiffany and her daughter. It was created after her three-year-old daughter felt excluded from skincare pamper sessions.

All four of Tiffany's brands launched in the last 18 months during a pandemic, nonetheless. However, she's not new to the skincare world, having worked in her family's cosmetic business Amelia Knight  for more than 15 years. (The company creates beauty products from ideas to inception for other brands). Tiffany lives in Cheshire and is mother to two children under five, so life is definitely a balancing act. Despite the fact she runs four successful brands, Tiffany is still a beauty and skincare addict, constantly trying out new launches across the board. Here she fills us in on her day and the beauty and wellness buys she always adds to her basket.

My typical day

"I start most mornings with a workout, whether that’s a full HIIT  session, or a dog walk, for a boost to my physical health and mood. This is followed by my morning skincare routine; the Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Jelly Cleanser , £10, makes for the perfect post-workout deep clean.

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"After baked oats  for breakfast and the school drop off, it’s off to the office. From strategy with the brand team to working on new Glow Hub formulas in the lab, there’s always so much going on and I thrive in the business. After work I head home to spend quality time with my family. After squeezing in a few cuddles with the kids before bed, I indulge in my evening skincare routine. At the moment I’m loving my Scientia Dusk Elixir  serum, £32, with lavender, ylang-ylang and frankincense  to soothe skin and mind, it makes my routine a mini-meditation."

My weekend

Weekends are for family, relaxing and self-care. Escaping the busy routines, with those small special moments of family life. Eggs and soldiers for breakfast. Long countryside walks with the dog. Sunday afternoons soaking up time with the kids. My weekend skincare routine is definitely more of a ritual. I love to embrace that feeling of ‘slow beauty', all about a mindful approach, treating it as an experience of escapism and self-care. I light a Soak Sunday candle  ( Midnight Storm , £25, is a current favourite) to set the mood, use a steamer or facial roller, layer on my serums and oils to create a ritual of self-care.

My beauty routine

"My routine is full of lab samples for upcoming launches for Glow Hub and Scientia. Testing out new products is my favourite part of the job and the ones we have in the pipeline are pretty incredible! The rest of my routine is usually made up of the products I’ve developed myself (I made them for a reason!) The Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Super Serum , £12, and Scientia Green Supreme CBD Vegi-Tox Smoothie Serum , £28, are two products I currently can’t live without. They give me that dewy, plumpy glow I want, instantly.

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"For makeup, I keep it simple. The  YSL Top Secrets CC Crème , £42, a slick of the Gucci Mascara L’Obscur , £30, whatever brow gel  I have lying around and a lip balm is about as crazy as it gets at the moment. I also love anything from Byredo . I’ve been obsessed with the aesthetic ever since I visited the flagship store in New York."

Wellness from the inside

"I’m all about glowing from the inside out so I always try and make sure I drink enough water (even though it doesn’t always come naturally). You can use all the products in the world, but if you’re dehydrated your skin will be too.

"When it comes to exercise, eating and wellbeing, I approach them as something to benefit me physically and mentally. After having my second child I struggled with postpartum hyperthyroidism [an underactive thyroid] and while it affected my body, it in turn had a negative effect on my confidence too.

"Working out energises me, a healthy meal feeds my body and my brain. It’s all about feeling good and finding balance. I try not to feel too guilty when I treat myself, or miss a morning workout. I'm putting in the work without being perfect all the time."

The best advice I've been given

"Ask questions. You’re never going to learn anything if you don’t ask. Put yourself out there, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable because no one knows absolutely everything, we are all constantly learning and evolving."

My top beauty and wellness buys

Byredo Sundazed Eau de Parfum, £178 for 100ml

"I’m an avid collector of Byredo perfumes, so could never choose a favourite, but as seasons change and I long for summer I’ve been reaching for Sundazed more and more. A gorgeous warm scent that reminds me of lazy days lounging in the sun, sipping a cocktail and smothering myself in suncream, it’s summer in a bottle."

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Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Jelly Cleanser, £10

"This is the perfect morning cleanse or second cleanse in the evening, I can’t count how many bottles of this I’ve been through. When I created Glow Hub I wanted a cleanser that worked for everybody – that was purifying and decongesting without drying, brightening and glow-inducing, whilst still being suitable for those with breakout-prone or oily skin. With antioxidant-rich blueberry, detoxifying black tea and hydrating glycerin, it’s non-foaming and SLS free, so it won't dry you out, but will effectively melt away dirt, grime and makeup."

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Scientia Notox Eye Serum, £26

"One of my favourite products I’ve created, maybe ever! This mini pink powerhouse is supercharged to lift, plump and brighten the eye area and with an amino acid peptide complex to help mimic your usual treatments (hence the name...) It’s my morning and evening go-to for an instant hit of cooling hydration and a little lift for good measure."

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Aim'n Sportswear Core Leggings, from £27

"I’d been tempted by these for a while on Instagram, so when I finally took the plunge it was love. I feel excited to put them on and work out in the morning, which is exactly what I need and they come in loads of fun colours which is me all over."

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YSL Top Secrets CC Crème, £42

"Working in the industry for 15 years now I’ve tried a lot of foundations, tinted moisturisers  and CC cremes and this is pretty much the only one I ever use, nothing can compete for me. Lightweight, blends like a dream, super glowy and never cakey, it’s a favourite for a reason."

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Glow Hub Purify & Brighten Super Serum, £12

"I’m always reaching for this serum when my skin is feeling temperamental. Yes, I created it for teen skin, but with incredible ingredients such as salicylic acid , white willow bark, blueberry and black tea ( kombucha ), it’s the perfect pick me up to gently exfoliate, de-clog pores, lessen the appearance of breakouts and just generally brighten dull skin, whatever your age."

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Gucci Mascara L’Obscur, £30

"I simply love this. It stays flexible through the layers, it’s super buildable for varying levels of drama while staying light on my lashes and it never flakes or transfers. Also did I mention the packaging? Seriously, it’s beautiful."

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Sarah Chapman Skinesis Bodylift, £32

"This tool is amazing for easing muscles in the morning after training and it definitely gets the blood flowing and my body feeling good. It’s supposed to help reduce water tension and stimulate circulation, helping to break down those fatty deposits (and hopefully) lessen the appearance of cellulite . I’ve always had cellulite – don’t we all? So I’m up for giving anything a whirl if it’ll help a little and make me feel good too."

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Soak Sunday Cleo’s Paradise Bath & Body Oil, £16 for 200ml

"A favourite from another of my own brands, when it comes to body care I’m pretty lazy so love how quickly this sinks into the skin. I just jump out of this shower, slather myself in this soothing blend of almond, manuka, jojoba and chamomile oils and within 30 seconds I’m nourished from top to toe."

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Everly Daily Vitamins, from £10.95

"I love how easy these vitamins are. You take the free consultation online and a curated vitamin selection is delivered straight to your door. Taking personalised to the next level, they even come in a cute pouch with your name on it."

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Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Olaplex No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner, £52 for both

"After having my daughter my hair at the front snapped off about an inch from the root due to postpartum hyperthyroidism, so it’s been a real journey getting my hair to where it is now. Olaplex has been such a saviour, pairing the in-salon treatments (when we’ve been allowed them) with the shampoo and conditioner at home to repair those broken bonds and re-build my strands."

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La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra 8 Face Mist, £19.50

I" found this through the beauty influencer Bambi Does Beauty  as she absolutely raves about it. It's instantly soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory and ultra-hydrating, I love a face mist  and this is one of my favourites."

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