As the founder of a fitness app and a workout wear brand, Krissy Cela, 26, is the ultimate fitspo to her 2.4 million Instagram followers. Here she shares the beauty and wellness essentials that keep her on top form

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If you're one of the many people who've taken to online workouts this past year, chances are you'll have stumbled across trainer Krissy Cela. She's co-founder of the fitness app Tone & Sculpt  and regularly posts workout tutorials and motivational clips on her Instagram page.

Krissy is also CEO of female activewear brand Oner Active  and released her first book,  Do This for You: How to Be a Strong Woman from the Inside Out , earlier this year. She hasn't always been such a force when it comes to fitness, though. "I started my fitness journey as a complete novice back in 2017. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and the first time I walked into a gym I turned and walked straight back out again – it took me months to go back."

Krissy got to where she is now by uploading a video to her Instagram to check she was doing a move correctly and the follower number crept up to what it is today with workouts watched by over 2.4 million followers. Here she shares how she stays motivated and the beauty essentials she uses daily.

My typical workday

"I live in Hertfordshire with my golden retriever Buttons. Typically, I’ll wake up around 6 am and head straight for the coffee machine.  If I have the time, I’ll do a quick Tone and Sculpt workout as I know that if I invest those 28 minutes, I’ll be more productive for the rest of the day. Next, I’ll head to the laptop where I am guaranteed to be greeted by tons of emails to respond to.

"Between launching the new Oner collection and growing the app, my typical workday is manic and often involves an hour and a half drive into our London offices for meetings (when we aren’t in lockdown!) – with Buttons riding next to me of course."

My weekend

"Your phone can take over your life, so weekend mornings are for long walks  with Buttons with the phone left at home. Breakfast is always wholesome and high protein, usually this means a big bowl of overnight oats, but I do love to cook so Saturday mornings can mean toasted sourdough bread with salted butter, topped with sautéed spinach and two fried eggs.

"More cooking follows on Sunday as I meal prep for the week ahead usually inspired by recipes on my app such as vegan one-pot pasta, fish tacos and egg fried cauliflower rice."

My beauty routine

"I have tried everything under the sun to treat my acne-prone skin, so if anyone can give advice on how to cover up spots and blemishes it’s me. I always start with moisturiser and primer before anything else, then apply concealer directly onto any visible spots or scarring before applying foundation all over with a kabuki brush. Before all of this though is f ake tan  which I apply religiously three times a week."

Wellness from the inside

"My life used to be one big rush, but since committing to getting up early and having time to myself, I’m much calmer. I am unashamedly obsessed with my Women’s Best Fudge Brownie Protein Powder , it's sold out at the moment it's so popular. I’ll sometimes have it twice a day and always after a workout.

"I’ve recently upped my BCAA  [branched chain amino acids which you build and maintain muscle mass] intake which I used to only take during a workout but now I pop a bit into my big two-litre water bottle and sip throughout the day."

My best tip

"It’s not how much you lift, it’s about putting that first footstep into the gym. I think the biggest barrier that a lot of us (myself included) have in fitness is this ridiculous idea that we have to work out six days a week for hours on end to get results. It’s intimidating!

"Fitness isn’t meant to be a chore and it’s not about competing with what other people are doing – you can do a great workout at home in just 15 minutes while you’re waiting for dinner to cook. So, take the pressure off and be kind to yourself on those days when all you want to do is sit and eat biscuits."

My beauty and wellness essentials

1. Nespresso Creatista Plus Coffee Machine by Sage , £379

"I cannot start the day without a coffee so last year I splashed out on a new coffee machine and it was worth every penny. I always use oat milk and this froths up a great cappuccino every time."

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2. Oner Classic Lounge Joggers in Ocean Teal, £44

"I don’t think I’m alone when I say my reliance on joggers  in the past year got slightly out of hand, so when I designed the new Oner collection I wanted it to not only be ultra-comfortable and practical, but in colours to suit every skin tone."

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3. Women’s Best Fit Pro Whey Protein powder in Chocolate Fudge Brownie, £22.39 and  Women's Best Pre-Workout Booster in Tropical Ice, £24.49

"I know I’ve already mentioned it but my Fudge Brownie flavour of Women’s Best truly is the best flavour protein powder out there. If you’ve ever had a gross flavour that put you off protein powder  then you have to give this a try – it will change your life!

"The Pre-Workout Booster gives me a great pre-workout pump on even my most unmotivated mornings. It includes caffeine and ingredients chosen to help with endurance, strength and stamina."

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4. L’Oreal Paris Paradise Volumizing Mascara, £5.77

"The whole Paradise collection blew me away but this mascara in particular has become a make-up bag staple."

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5. Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer, £25

"I use this in warm beige and apply it to any blemishes or patches of discolouration. I love Too Faced’s range as the coverage is always faultless and never gives a cakey appearance."

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6. L'Oreal Paris Skin Paradise SPF20 Tinted Moisturiser, £10.99

"I have tried so many expensive concealers and foundations over the years and this is honestly one of the best I have ever used. It’s super lightweight and super affordable."

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7. Loving Tan Deluxe Gradual Tan, £62

"I’ve been going back to US brand Loving Tan for years now. I tan three times a week so having a tan that dries quickly without being sticky is crucial and Loving Tan always applies perfectly without fail."

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8. Benefit the Porefessional Primer, £39.85

"This primer really smooths over my skin well to provide a good base level of coverage even before I've applied any foundation."

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9.  Do This for You: How to Be a Strong Woman from the Inside Out, £5

"I think we all have days where we need a gentle reminder of our 'why'. Why have I set my alarm for 6 am? Why am I going to the gym when I can’t be bothered? The list of whys goes on! The minute a thought like this comes into my head I re-read the chapter on it in my book to reaffirm my why.

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10. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer, £20

"As well as the Too Faced concealer on blemishes, I use this concealer under my eyes and on the side of my nose, buff it with a foundation brush and I’m all covered."

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