The award-winning actress’ Suffragette-inspired look was a winner in our book

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Last night’s Golden Globes saw actresses and actors join in solidarity in support of the victims of sexual harassment, assault and inequality by dressing in black. In addition to this though, stars also sent a message through their makeup too.

Emma Stone’s Suffragette-inspired look made for a fitting pairing to her black dress. “My beauty inspiration came from the symbolic colors of the women’s suffrage movement,” her makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin, wrote on Instagram. “I wanted to create a make up that would somehow be imbued with the message of female empowerment and solidarity.”

Her colour palette matched this vision brilliantly, incorporating shades of of royal purple, (a colour that Suffragettes wore to reflect the royal blood that flowed through their veins, the instinct for freedom and dignity), white (which stood for purity in private and public life) and green, the colour of hope. The trio of hues would often be reflected in the movement's sashes, petticoats, banners and jewellery too, with Goodwin also noting that they wore white when they were fighting for the right to vote. With her emerald green eyes, white and green eye makeup and violet-stained lips, Emma’s finished look was a winner in our book.

Working her magic on Game of Thrones star Lena Heade too, the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms’ amethyst and green eyes made for a beautiful translation of the empowering message too.

Other highlights included the frequent pops of red lipstick (a colour the Suffragettes often wore too) seen on several actresses including The Crown's Claire Foy and Best Actress nominee, Jessica Chastain and Zoe Kravitz's emerald earrings. From top to toe, last night's red carpet was a perfect showcase of bold beauty at its best.

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