Think you need a whole arsenal of products for the perfect smokey eye? All you need is this latest wonder-product from Eyeko

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There are few things I love more in the land of makeup than a really good eyeshadow crayon, so when Eyeko's new Me and My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner arrived it had some stiff competition from the current contents of my makeup bag. I'm pleased to say that it came out as a winner.

A perfectly sized eyeshadow stick (not quite a Chubby Stick-style crayon, yet larger and stubbier than a liner) with a silky brush on the opposite end, the formula is waterproof, highly pigmented yet incredibly easy to blend.

Ideal for smudgy, smokey eyes, the twist-up pen is available in Chocolate, Charcoal and Taupe and allows you to both shade and line for high definition smoulder.

The crayon is swift to glide on to the eyelid with no dragging or scratching, while the brush gently blends and shapes the colour into the density that you need. As an eyeliner, precision isn't the aim of the game but for a bold, soft line it delivers.

The quickest way to dress up your eyes with minimal fuss, it really is foolproof; I only hope they bring out an entire wardrobe of shades.

Eyeko Me & My Shadow Waterproof Shadow Liner is £15 and available from