The Gloss Report: CC Creams

14 January 2015
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The Gloss Report: CC Creams

The beauty world currently has a thing for alphabet creams. First there was BB cream, now we have CC cream (more on that in a minute) and apparently there is also now such a thing as DD cream! We were won over by BB cream: a tinted moisturizer with added benefits - what’s not to like? With CC creams the jury’s still out. CC can for a stand Colour Control, Complexion Corrector or Colour Correction and in a nutshell is a similar product to a BB cream but with added colour correcting properties. Always keen to try a new beauty phenomenon the Glossy Posse put the market’s best to the test. Click through to find out how we got on...

2 / 8

Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream

Price: £28

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Feedback: “Just squirting this CC out of the tube was enough to make me happy; FINALLY a multitasking tinted product that’s light enough to suit my skintone, instead of a generic ‘meh’ beige. My issue with a lot of CC creams up until now is that they do anything but ‘colour correct’, but the shade range of this particular product is pretty impressive compared with its competitors (Clinique’s colour options are often more extensive than most across the board). For me this is an ideal winter CC- richer than the average (but oil-free) and it disguises dullness, redness and uneven skin tone quickly and effectively. The SPF 30 protection is a big plus too. If you suffer from spots and breakouts this CC won’t offer sufficient coverage worn alone, but then that’s what concealer for. The finish is neither matte nor dewy- it’s somewhere in between, but without a doubt it leaves skin brighter. If you can afford to add an additional product to your morning beauty routine, this is a great skincare/makeup hybrid to consider.”

Score: 9/10

Reviewer: AH

3 / 8

Darphin CC Cream SPF35

Price: £32

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Feedback: "From the moment I felt the texture of this CC cream I could tell I was going to be impressed by it. Velvety soft despite the high SPF (which often makes product thick and sticky), it somehow manages to illuminate the face with subtle radiance while having an almost matte finish. It blends better than most foundations I've tried and feels hydrating on the skin - plus, it's non-comedogenic so it won't clog up your pores (though best not wear at night due to the SPF). It brightens, gives moderate coverage and adds an extra dose of moisture on top of your day cream. If I could make it perfect, I'd have physical sunscreens only for my sensitive skin - but I didn't experience any problems with the chemical SPF (oxybenzone)."

Reviewer: JJ

Score: 8/10

4 / 8

Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme

Price: £29

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Feedback: "I’m normally a sceptic towards products such as CC and BB creams as I tend to think they’re just glorified tinted moisturisers - however, I was in fact really impressed with this Ole Henriksen creme.

Formulated with a light-weight, silky texture it provides a light to medium level coverage which can be used before foundation - although I did find that mixing a few drops into my foundation gave a more even and brighter finish. Containing five different sources of Vitamins that work to reduce redness, hydrate and nourish, this cream felt like a double dose of skincare and makeup that left a gorgeous dewy and healthy finish to my skin. My only problem would be that oddly, it’s fragranced a little like a lemon throat sweet - other than that, it’s an absolute skincare saviour for the havoc the wintry weather wreaks on our skin."

Score: 9/10

Reviewer: KR

5 / 8

Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 CC Cream

Price: £9.99

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Feedback: “As a big fan of tinted moisturiser during the summer months, I was curious to see what a CC cream could do better. Olay promises a lot with its seven effects, although I’m not convinced it delivers on all of them. It smells off puttingly fruity in the tube, but doesn’t smell noticeably once applied. My skin tone definitely looked more even and bright, and felt lighter than wearing foundation. I wasn’t convinced that my pores looked any more minimised than with my usual foundation, but I felt confident enough to wear it on a daily basis.

My face felt moisturised, a bonus in the drying depths of winter, but the dewy look I enjoyed in the morning felt oily towards the end of the day, so this would suit people with dryer skin than mine. I was pleasantly surprised that the ‘light to medium’ colour matched my usually pale skin perfectly, but I’m not sure if that’s down to Olay’s ‘smart colour’ technology or the fact that I’ve just spent two weeks in the sun. Olay also promises that after 4 weeks of use, the vitamins in the primer will deliver younger, healthier looking skin. This is an intriguing concept, and as this CC cream can also be used as a primer under your normal foundation it would make an effortless addition to any skincare routine, miraculous vitamin benefits or not.”

Score: 7/10

Reviewer: IB

6 / 8

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream

Price: £19.50

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Feedback: “I am always on the hunt for a new everyday base that succeeds in providing just enough coverage yet still feels light on the skin. I switch and swap regularly but as a big fan of La Roche Posay (I’ve found a number of their products have worked well with my sensitive, easily irritated skin) I was excited to try this launch.

Promoting itself as a colour correcting moisturiser for people suffering from Rosacea or redness I thought this would be a good match for my red toned skin. I applied the product after my moisturiser had sunk in and found the cream was easy to apply with my fingers and went on smoothly and evenly. It provided a decent amount of coverage in comparison to similar products I have tried, the redness definitely felt reduced and my skin felt hyrdated all day. With added SPF 30 I have a feeling this will become a makeup bag staple come Summer.”

Score: 9/10

Reviewer: EB

7 / 8

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream SPF 30 - Dark Spot Correcting

Price: £29

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Feedback: "I was definitely a fan of this CC cream. I’m not usually big on wearing foundation every day, but have recently been looking for an upgrade to my trusty tinted moisturiser as the winter elements have left my skin looking a little more sallow than usual. This particular CC cream wasn’t as thick or gloopy as ones that I’ve tried in the past and softly diffused my skin’s imperfections while also giving my tired complexion a subtle lift too.

Comprising of 8 shades, I would recommend this as a great alternative for days when you don’t want to look too ‘done’ - your actual skin still radiates through. I would definitely use it again, the only thing I would say though is not to expect a miracle when it comes to its ability to correct dark spots. A more specialised treatment would be best. Check out Sarah Vine’s top picks  here ."

Score: 8/10

Reviewer: AM

8 / 8

YSL Forever Light Creator CC Cream in Lavender

Price: £30

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Feedback: "I was intrigued to see how YSL’s CC cream in lavender would get on at brightening my dull skin. After being reassured that its lilac-tinted formula was suited to all skin tones, I discovered that this unfortunately wasn’t the case on my Asian skin.

This CC cream was developed to provide radiance, correct skin tone irregularities and smooth out the skin’s texture. However, I couldn’t look past the fact that no matter how hard I blended, I had the same complexion as a Parma Violet. I even resorted to applying foundation on top, which I felt defeated the point of a CC cream, and I was still conscious of the slight lavender tinge to my skin. However, this would probably work really well on somebody with a lighter complexion.

Packed with colour cancelling pigments, 3 glycans to even the skin and SPF 35 (always a bonus), this lightweight (and warning, extremely runny) texture is crafted to enhance the individual glow of your skin. Unfortunately, I didn’t see that ‘natural bright glow’ and think I would have been better off with a clear or skin-matched alternative."

Reviewer: HI

Score: 5/10