The Gloss Report: eyebrow gels and tints reviewed

Ayesha Muttucumaru 16 September 2015
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Eyebrow gels and tints tried and tested

It’s been said that eyebrows are like sisters, not twins. So, to ensure that they forge the most amicable of family bonds, this week the Glossy Posse has been putting eyebrow gels and tints to the test.

The secret to the perfect set needn’t mean having the follicular faculties of a Delevingne or Kardashian, but rather enhancing your natural talents with just a touch of makeup artistry for a more polished pair that looks distinctly your own. Whether you’re wondering how to shape your eyebrows or how to fill them in, these multitasking pieces of eyebrow makeup make for a quick and easy way to up your brow game. Which ones came up on top? Click through our gallery to find the best brow gel or tint for you...

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Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel

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Feedback “As someone who usually uses an angled brush and a shadow for brow definition, I was nervous about testing this gel formula for fear of walking out the door with Scouse brows; not a good look on my fair skin. However, I needn’t have worried; despite looking rather daunting with its generous colour spread over a mini mascara wand, it turned out to be incredibly easy to use and more subtle than I’d imagined. You simply use the wand to fill in and set your brows - and though mine are rather sparse, this actually defined them rather well, without looking overly ‘painted on’. It would be easy to use too much (as I did initially and was on the verge of Scouse brow territory) so I’d suggest going slowly but surely with this one.

“Best of all, it didn’t set in a way that felt like I was wearing product, another drawback I was expecting from using gel. The shade was a good match, too - I used the Blonde which suited my dark blonde brows well. All in all, I’m convinced, and would choose this over my powder product for better definition.”

Reviewer JJ

Score 9/10

3 / 9

Urban Decay Brow Tamer Brow Gel

Price £15

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Feedback “This new brow gel from Urban Decay not only tamed my unruly eyebrows but added subtle colour too. The lightweight formula also helped to give them definition and set them in place for the day ahead without leaving them feeling stiff or sticky.

“I used the Taupe colour for my blonde brows, but I felt I needed to add a bit more colour with a pencil underneath as I didn't feel the gel was enough on its own, (the  Brow Beater Pencil , £15, from Urban Decay comes in the same shade colours, so I would recommend additionally also using that). What I did love though was that it was super easy to use, with the precise brush allowing me to finely sculpt and shape individual flyaway hairs. Even for a novice like me, I couldn’t really go wrong.”

Reviewer SM

Score 7/10

4 / 9

Benefit Gimme Brow Gel

Price £18.50

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Feedback “This product happened to land on my desk one day - I tried it and it has now become one of my daily staples. It's one of those products you never knew you needed until you've tried it. It has a tiny weeny brush coated in a fiber tinted gel so that it tames brows and fills them in, creating a really defined shape and adds a hint of colour making them look mega groomed and beautiful.

“I use the light/medium shade because I'm fair, but it comes in a couple different subtle colours. I was on a shoot recently with  Caroline Barnes , the makeup artist, and she also was raving about it - it is genuinely one of my hero products.”

Reviewer ST

Score 10/10

5 / 9

Eyeko Brow Gel

Price £18

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Feedback “It’s always a delicate balance making your eyebrows appear effortlessly groomed with brow sculpting products, but avoiding the feeling that you’ve got caterpillars stuck to your forehead (or is this just me?!). This Eyeko Brow Gel would definitely suit those of you who have a pronounced shape already - the thicker the better really, as the gel needs to grip onto something. For you less bushy glossies, I would suggest a bit of prep work with the  Brow Liner , £15, followed by the  Brow Magic Brow Boost , £25, to give a little more definition, and then finally adding the gel for the finishing touch. The great thing about this gel is that a little definitely goes a long way so you’ll get good mileage out of it and fabulous, glossy looking eyebrows to match.”

Reviewer ALM

Score 7/10

6 / 9

Clinique Just Browsing Brush On Styling Mousse

Price £16

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Feedback “If subtle brow taming rather than drawing on a full set is on your agenda, you’ll find this mousse extremely handy and easy to use. With four very natural shades to choose from, both the texture and colour mimics the appearance of naturally well-behaved eyebrows. Less intense than other tints I’ve used, it’s the perfect ‘starter’ product for brow-phobes such as myself (mine are pretty much permanently sheltering under my fringe). It gets things into line neatly thanks to a small yet easy to control spooly applicator, and the colour and hold stays true even through sweaty situations (you’re safe at the gym). If you’re after drama, this ain’t the one, but I’m over the brow drama anyway. Give me craftily enhanced au naturel anyday.”

Reviewer AH

Score 10/10

7 / 9

MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set

Price £14

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Feedback “Great for filling in the gaps or shaping them into place, this brow gel was the ideal choice for my thick and at times, misbehaving eyebrows.

“Brown Ebony was a winning shade for my black caterpillars - it’s slightly lighter hue blending in perfectly and providing a softer finish than a darker colour. Its wand was small enough to create thickness where needed and its non-greasy texture ensured it stayed put from morning to evening. While I’ve been hesitant to part ways with my trusty eyebrow pencil, this brush-on brow gel has given me a great alternative: it provided the coverage that I needed with the added bonus of keeping flyaways at bay too. Plus, it was mess-free and long-lasting as well - my big and bold brows may have just met their match.

Reviewer AM

Score 10/10

8 / 9

Blink Eyebrow Gel

Price £17

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Feedback “If wild, ‘feral’ eyebrows are your main concern and you’re looking for a way to keep pesky flyaways in check, then this brow gel is your perfect brow maintenance pick.

“Conditioning without leaving them ‘crunchy,’ I found that it gave my eyebrows both definition and a subtle dose of colour to keep them looking tidy and full throughout the day. Better for grooming as opposed to filling in the gaps, I would definitely recommend it to those looking to give their eye makeup look a polished finishing touch.”

Reviewer AM

Score 9/10

9 / 9

L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Plumper

Price £5.99

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Feedback “Plumping cushions is something I’m familiar with; plumping brows not so much, but product name aside, this is a very good brow definer indeed. Added thickening fibres won’t necessarily catapult you to supermodel brow standards, but the density of the ‘tint’, plus the nifty, tapered applicator, means that unruly and weedy eyebrows alike look groomed, well shaped and generally more pronounced. The Medium to Dark shade was rich and convincing on my dark brown brows (no hint of orange as sometimes occurs), and the colour and shape set very quickly post-application without crumbling or sliding during the day. It may not add all of the volume that it promises to a sparse set of brows, but especially considering the price point, it’s hard to nitpick with this generously packaged plumper.”

Reviewer AH

Score 9/10