Who’s been providing us with the best beauty, health, fitness and filter Instagram inspiration this week? Here’s our top five…

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Whether you’re looking for some fitness motivation , a new meal idea or just a good chuckle during your commute, a well-delivered and timely Instagram post can provide the helpful dose of inspiration to start or end our days in the best possible way. From the makeup artists making waves to the meme-makers making us laugh like lunatics on the Tube, here’s our current top five:


Clinical nutritionist and bestselling author, Jessica Sepel knows a thing or two about delicious and healthy food. Her Instagram feed is a literal feast for the eyes boasting a bevy of meal ideas and tasty treats, including these extremely scrummy-looking peanut butter and banana protein pancakes from her book, ‘The Healthy Life’ (just in case you were looking for something to do with that extra hour this Sunday…) Not only will you find some great foodie-inspiration on her page, but also some extremely useful practical tips to keep taste buds and appetites satiated from Monday through to Sunday.

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The Instagram account currently providing our Monday morning chuckles? Little Life Chronicles - a one-stop ‘meme-field’ of jokes depicting our brain’s inner monologue that will have you cracking up through the entirety of your commute. With sass, humour and a reciprocated appreciation for a good glass of wine thrown in for good measure too, it has all the hallmarks of a beautiful online friendship.


Forget 007, 001 looks set to become the buzz-code of the month, or more specifically Gold 001 - makeup artist legend Pat McGrath’s first beauty product. A gold-foil effect makeup dust, her Instagram is awash with the season’s must-have hue with inspiration provided courtesy of a roster of makeup artists all showcasing their take on the look – a step up from strobing with a dose of metallic otherworldliness. With a teaser on her new website  saying ‘10.27.15. All will be revealed,’ to say the anticipation is HUGE is a massive understatement. After all, it has been created by the makeup artist with the Midas-touch when it comes to beauty’s most innovative trends.

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For a dose of yoga inspiration and wanderlust in equal measure, Caitlin Turner’s Instagram posts of sunrises, sunsets and enviable range of yoga stretches, will provide just the ticket for booking that winter getaway or a beautifully shot incentive to fit in some ‘me time’ even on the darkest and gloomiest of winter mornings. Filled with stunning snaps taken from around the world, the globe-trotting fitness enthusiast’s passion for wellbeing shines through – and although she sets the yoga bar pretty high (like in this snap!) her bright smile and laidback style makes her all the more likeable.


The new nail news on the tips of everyone’s fingers? ‘Broken or shattered glass’ manicures. The latest big South Korean beauty trend brought to the forefront by manicurist Park Eun Kyung, the artist’s Instagram feed is the place to be for the inside scoop on the multi-dimensional look. Feeling inspired? Find out how to makeover your mani here .

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