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Whether it’s first thing, before we go to bed or during our lunch break (or umm...not), scrolling through our Instagram feed is a non-stop source of entertainment and food for thought (quite literally). Sure, there’s the usual avocado toast uploads and sunlounger selfies, but each week we’re struck by something beautiful, a fresh idea or a rousing statement. Or just a cat meme, it depends on our mood. Whoever we’re watching, following and fangirling, we’ll be sharing them here with you every week. Here’s our current high five:


The incredibly well read makeup artist Lisa Eldridge this week released her very first  book , accompanying it with a ‘through the ages’ video on her  website . Lisa’s videos ALWAYS suck us in but we had a sneak preview of this one and frankly it’s epic in many senses of the word. You’ll see what we mean. Her Instagram action of late depicts the silent movie star scene from the vlog, as well as her makeup looks for Facepaint launches and appearances from her cute moggy.


Porridge season is well and truly upon us, so you might as well embrace it and get creative. If you’re looking for porridge porn, you’ll find it here. From chocolate to carrot, they’ve literally tried everything, and made it look incredible in the process. You’ll never fall into a Ready Break rut again if you follow these guys. Tilda Swinton loves them too, which officially cements them as the edgiest porridge producers around.


More fun food, and about as far away from birds eyes of boring sandwiches as you can get. Samantha Lee is a food artist, and that’s about all we need to say. She cooks ups everything from sweetcorn ‘minions’ for her kids to Pacman plates and Chicago vistas; all are masterpieces. If you’ve ever struggled to get your children to eat their greens, Samantha could have the solution. Preparing dinner may take a little longer than usual though…


We don’t know if it’s torture or simply a tonic for a rainy, grey October, but surfing through this Australian former pole vaulter, elite athletics coach and yoga instructor’s feed not only gives us a virtual sunshine hit but it also presents some serious bendy goals. If tropical fruit, cirque de soleil style moves against lush scenery and sporty flashbacks are your bag, get following Ms Bisk.


The hilarious Hudson has been especially busy this week, but it’s not all glamorous jetsetting. From getting stuck in her dress in the bathroom to hiding her hangovers and promoting the work of the  World Food Programme , she keeps it real despite her famous heritage and celebrity status, and we love her more as the weeks go by. Creating a wind machine with the back of her hairdryer a few weeks back was a particular highlight.

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